Cute Song to Help Teach Body Parts

I found this simple and cute song recently in a book, The Encyclopedia of Infant and Toddler Activities, that parents can sing to their infants and toddlers, (and SLPs can sing to their students), to help teach body parts. The song is called Baby’s Little Nose and was contributed by Karyn Everham. I sang it to both kids today, and they LOVED it :) The original lyrics are as follows:

Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb
(Child’s name) had a little nose, little nose, little nose
(Child’s name) had a little nose, it’s oh so nice to touch (touch child’s nose).

When I saw both my kids liked it, I kept singing it but I changed the body parts up every verse (nose, mouth, fingers, toes, knees, etc). I also changed the last part from “It’s oh so nice to touch” to “it’s oh so nice to tickle” and then I gave the body part a little tickle. My little ones cracked up! This is SUCH a cute and easy-to-remember song to work on teaching body parts.

Happy Thursday…which means its almost F R I D A Y!


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  1. Hi Katie,

    Thanks so much for popping by my blog today and your lovely comment! I’m so thrilled that something I did can inspire you and perhaps be helpful to your little one :)

    I love this idea for teaching body parts! Going to pin it right now!

    Take care,

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