Friday Freebie! Cycles Data Sheet

Freebie Friday!

It’s my first official Freebie Friday! As often as I can, I am going to try to provide a new freebie on Fridays. It may be a printable activity for use by parents, SLPs or others that work with children, a list of fun songs or fingerplays, or it could be a speech therapy related document, like today’s. The possibilities are endless. However it is also possible that I will post a freebie on a day other than Friday, because you know, I am crazy like that 😉 So be sure to check in regularly!

(I apologize the posts have been light this week…I have been participating in an online conference all week on Preschool Language and Literacy and it has been keeping me VERY busy! However, I have about 1094 new post ideas, thanks to this very informative conference that will be really informative for parents and professionals…I am really excited to share what I am learning!)

With that, I present my first Freebie Friday post, which is for my fellow SLPs.

Several years ago I found myself working with the preschool population. I reflected back to my graduate level Articulation and Phonology class and realized that I really had NO IDEA how to really treat phonological disorders. My class consisted of reading research, research, research and I took away very little information I felt I could actually apply in therapy.

Thank goodness for a great website where I was able to use their message boards to connect and learn from my fellow SLPs. One of those SLPs named Dawn was so gracious to provide a detailed outline on Barbara Hodson’s Cycles for Phonology. I remembered reading the research on this approach but not fully understanding it at the time. Dawn’s outline, paired with my reading Hodson’s book Evaluating & Enhancing Children’s Phonological Systems: Research and Theory to Practice really helped me understand how and why to use this program with my young children with significant phonological delays.

However, I found myself having trouble keeping my cycles organized. So I created a sheet to keep track of my cycles. You can download the sheet HERE and the directions HERE.

I guess this is not so much a “data” sheet as it is an organization sheet. This is how you use it:

  • As you work on each process, write in your target words on the area provided.
  • In the areas that say “session #1, #2, #3” write in the date that you worked on this process. Because you work on each word set for 60 minutes, I provided three session columns depending on your session lengths. If you see children for 30 minute sessions, you would only use the columns for sessions #1 and #2. However, if your sessions are 20 or 25 minutes, you will want to use all three columns, as you will target each set for 3 sessions.

It’s that simple! :)

Now, I was only able to make this data sheet because of the outlines that Dawn Moore, CCC-SLP so graciously provides on her website You can find this information, and so much more, at the link below:



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  1. says

    Anyone that visits your site should be able to see that you LOVE the work you do. I pulled up your site when searching for information on the cycles approach for a first year grad course assignment in speech sound disorders. Your work here is inspiring! Thank you for the time you dedicate to this site.

  2. Laura says

    Thank you! Any Freebies are so helpful for new therapist starting out (without a ton of money/experience) So grateful that you and others are taking time out of their busy schedules to share these great resources with everyone!! :) Have a GREAT day! 😀