Some Fun Names for Speech Sounds

Sometimes when working with young children on the production of speech sounds, it is helpful to provide the little one’s with a fun label, or name,  for the sound(s) you are teaching. Providing a visual cue to go along with the label is also very helpful, to provide multisensory instruction.

Several years ago I asked some fellow SLPs what names they used for the different speech sounds and I used some of their ideas along with my own to compile a list of fun names for all the speech sounds. You will notice that the names of the speech sounds/phonemes relate to the way they sound or the way our mouths look while producing the sound. For example, the /s/ is the snake sound because a snake’s hiss can sound like the “sssssssssss,” the /b/ is the bouncing sound because the lips bounce off one another when making the sound, and so on.

Though these speech sound names are helpful for SLPs to use in articulation therapy, they can also be helpful for parents when trying to help teach your child how to say a say a sound or when working on teaching your child phonemic awareness skills.

My speech quilt (don't mind the baby boy in the corner...)

Two "patches" of my quilt

I also wanted to provide my little ones with a visual cue to go along with the names. So I used pictures from Boardmaker to pair up with each speech sound name, and I printed them all out and created my speech quilt.

Each speech sound has a name and corresponding picture, and I mounted each sound on its own paper and laced them all together. I then hung the whole “quilt” Up on the room of my classroom. I also printed out each “patch” of my quilt on 3×5 cards that I can use in my therapy sessions to visually prompt my students. My little ones LOVE my “speech quilt” and I am asked all the time to read through all the sounds with them. :)
Here is the list I accumulated:

Feel free to use the “speech sound names” while working with your child, clients, or students! You can print out the above list of names HERE (also available in the FREEBIE section).



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  1. says

    Following you back on GFC and Twitter! Love your blog and all the great resources. My 3 year was diagnosed with Childhood Apraxia of speech last year and through intensive speech therapy and early start classes she now no longer qualifies for any service, and even tested ahead of her age! She is like a changed girl and this would not have been possible without speech therapy! Vicky from

    • Katie says

      Hi Vicky! Thanks so much for stopping by and following! I am SO HAPPY to hear your daughter is doing so well! I love hearing the success stories, especially with CAS which can be be tough to treat. I just adore your blog as well, such fun ideas! :)

  2. Jan says

    I would love to make your sounds quilt. Where did you find the pictures for the production of each sound? Looking now to see where you found the voice on and voice off pics from BoardMaker…still looking!
    I just printed your Turkey Turkey book as well. Keep it coming!! Loving it!! Thanks!!!

    • Katie says

      Hi Jan! OK so the pictures for production I used from some OLD artic cards that I found in my classroom years ago. I’ll see if I can find them and tell you which ones they are. I scanned them in my computer and turned them into a jpeg. It was time consuming but worth it. I wonder if you googled if there are any pics out there in cyberspace now? I made that several years ago. As far as the voice on/voice off…I want to say that I found the voice ON one and then used photoshop to take out the little red vibration things….If you email me to remind me or leave another comment I can check in my boardmaker file (It is on my upstairs computer and I am on my laptop). :) So glad you are enjoying my site!

      • Becky Struble says

        I LOVE your site, and especially your speech quilt! I think my kids would love it (I’m an SLP that services pre-5th). I was wondering if you would be willing to email your “quilt squares”? If not, I understand : ) I was just thinking why bother reinventing the wheel, you know? Thanks for your wonderful site!


  3. Dana K says

    SOOOO glad I stumbled upon your site through Pinterest! I have been wanting to compile a “quilt” of sorts like yours for the longest time, but it just hasn’t come to fruition! If you are willing to share your files with me, as well, I would be extremely appreciative!
    Keep up all these great ideas!!
    SLP in NJ, PreK-K

  4. Stefanie B says

    I absolutely LOVE this website! I have recently applied to graduate school for speech-language pathology, and I hope to hear great new soon! :) I am currently working with an adult with autism and have been struggling to find activites to improve his language and articulation skills. I found your website to be extremely helpful for creating activites for us to do, I just adapt the activities so they are appropriate for him. Once again, thank you for this website!!

    • Katie says

      Stefanie I am SO glad you have you and am just tickled that you are finding useful things here. Good luck on grad school, you will LOVE IT! Feel free to email me with any questions!

  5. Carolyn says

    Your site is amazing. I have recently stumbled onto pinterest (which is also amazing) and I am in awe of all of my speech friends and their creative ideas and generosity. I especially love your sound quilt and the pictures. I have been trying to re-create your pictures, but yours are so much better. If you have located the files, would you mind emailing them to me? Thank you!

    • Katie says

      Thanks Carolyn. I have located the files, attempted to move them to my laptop, and had some issues. I’d be happy to email them once I have figured out!

  6. Renata says

    I just came across your website, and I wanted to say that I am amazed by all the wonderful therapy ideas you have. I especially like the sound quilt. It is so creative! If you have the picture files and are willing to share them, that would be wonderful. I’d really appreciate if you could email them to me.

  7. Julie Grec says

    I have just discovered your site and the first gem I found was your speech quilt! Wow, it’s fantastic! My head is spinning with possible fun applications in Special Needs and ELL classrooms. I too, would be very appreciative of your sound quilt material.
    Now the fun of exploring your site further.
    Thank you sincerely.

  8. Cori Connelly says

    LOVE your Speech Quilt!! I am an aspiring Speech Assistant and hoping to begin a position in September. This would be a perfect start as I begin to create tools and visuals. If you would be so kind, I would also really appreciate a copy of your files!! Thanks so much!!

  9. Melissa Sardonia says

    Katie, I am a SLP who is finally going back into practice after being a stay-at-home mom for 11 years! I am in an elementary school and feel extremely blessed to be there. I have already spent hours on you site – I absolutely LOVE, LOVE it!!! Thank you for all the wonderful data collection sheets/ideas (something that I find very hard to get back into the swing of) – and just all your creative therapy tools. I am trying to spend my summer to get as prepared and organized as I can be, so I won’t be overwhelmed in the fall. I would love to have copies of your squares to hang in my room if you don’t mind – and thank you for any advice you have!!!

  10. Tinetta says

    Hi Katie,

    LOVE the speech quilt!! :) I’m a pediatric SLP and if you were able to locate the files, can you please send me a copy?!

  11. Beth says

    I love the quilt, and am currently working on making speech postrs for my office. Mahere did you find the illustrations of the lips?

  12. says

    I’ll have to keep this in mind when I start doing clinicals and when I’m an SLP! Children love giving names to things and it’ll help them remember!

  13. Katy says

    A fellow Preschool SLP and I LOVE your speech quilt…We share an office and like so many above, would LOVE to have access to the visuals you used for the specific sounds to use in our office! Could we PLEASE get a copy of your quilt?

  14. Jess says


    I absolutely love your speech quilt! I think it is such a great visual tool and really explains all the sounds so well! It is a great tool to use in Therapy! Is there any way I could get a copy of this?