Wednesday Freebie: Speech Therapy Progress Notes Sheet

Today is a Wednesday quicky 😉 Because my Wednesdays are dedicated to grocery shopping and meal planning! Just a quick one for my fellow SLPs.

In grad school someone gave us this cool monthly progress notes sheet to use with our clients…I cannot remember where I got it but I generally liked it. Then the SLP that worked at the school before me also used a similar sheet. However I NEVER seem to find anything I like exactly so I got on Excel (oh Excel, how I love you…and how I love my husband for always being patient and showing me how to do things…) and I made my own version. I like it. It allows you to keep attendance at the top for every month…and then you can jot down notes down below. I usually don’t keep raw data on it (I use sticky notes) but I sometimes write down my data results there before I transfer it onto my data sheet (I’ll be posting about my data sheet soon…and you will be able to download it too). Anyway, I know several of my colleagues that have liked this particular sheet so I’m going to make it available for download. I’m sure some of you have seen one like it before :)

You can download it for free HERE. (Also available in my FREEBIE section) Let me know what you think!



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