The Potty Watch: My New Favorite Item

I’ll be honest, I was not looking forward to potty training. I mean, honestly changing diapers was FINE with me…but I knew we needed to do it eventually.

Last summer (2010) while in Hawaii, E was showing interest in the potty (at 21 months) so we bought her a potty when we got home and just set it up for her with no pressure. We got all excited and talked about going in the potty, etc. And eventually she started going in the potty…once in a while. This continued for several months. Then for Christmas last year we also got her Karen Katz’ A Pottty For Me!, and started reading it often.

Long story short: She just wasn’t that into the potty.

Fast forward to several weeks ago when we realized that she was going to be turning three soon so I decided we needed to buckle down and get it done. So we picked a weekend, started it and….

She got pneumonia. We were like, “SERIOUSLY?”  So we had to put the potty training on hold for a couple weeks. Then a couple weeks ago I asked my husband to find this thing I had heard about, a “Potty Watch” and we could try that, because our E was not going to pee in the potty just to make us happy 😉

So, he picked it up (we got this one, to the left,  from Potty Time Inc )and E came home and excitedly showed me the watch (that she had made daddy open right away). We immediately put her in underwear and set the watch to alarm every 30 minutes and..

BAM! The girl was peeing in the potty! And she was excited about it!

We used the potty watch for two weeks and now my daughter is day-potty trained (pee only). We paired the watch with a sticker chart I made her…She got one sticker for trying, two for actually going, and three for going potty on her own without the watch alarming. We made her try every 30 minutes for a little over a week, and then after that when it alarmed I would just ask her “Do you need to go potty?” and she would say yes or no. After about a week of that we just turned it off.

The Potty Watch+Sticker chart=FINALLY POTTY TRAINED! This week we are going to start enforcing number two on the potty. She is still in diapers at night and naps but that is FINE for now.

So, if you have a toddler or preschooler who you think is ready but is still resistant, I highly recommend the potty watch. And no, I am not receiving anything from the potty watch people for recommending their product nor did we get it for free. I just wanted to share how we finally got our daughter to potty train 😉



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  1. says

    oh my goodness! I actually sell the Potty Time watches from Signing Time! How funny Kathleen! I hear great things about the watch. the other watch has as DVD and book – the works! My girl is too small but I plan on using it with her. Glad it worked for you :)

    • Katie says

      No way Kristy!! Too funny! Yes, I highly recommend them, you can tell your customers they can check out this post!

      • says

        I wish it was my Potty Time Signing Time product… perhaps I should give one for a great discount so someone can personally tell their success story with it :)! I’m at least a year away from needing it!

        • Katie says

          Kristy if you ever want to give me something to give away on here, let me know! I’d be happy to do a giveaway of one of your products! 😀

  2. Jill @ EHM says

    The Potty Watch worked for my daughter. I unfortunately had not seen this watch when my son was potty training in 2006. I picked one up on EBay in 2008. I used M & M’s (my daughter had no interest in a sticker chart) and this potty watch with great success! I am so glad to hear this product is still around. Hope your potty training goes well!

    • Katie says

      Jill, we tried using candy with my daughter too, but she wasn’t as motivated (I think because we used candy when giving her her weekly injections so she was kinda over it! HA!). This thing is awesome!