Freebie Friday! Chinese Zodiac Clothespin Activity

This week, we have been reading three books focusing on Chinese New Year and Chinese Culture. Why? Because Monday is CHINESE NEW YEAR! And, in case you didn’t know, my husband is {half} Chinese, and I really would like our children to grow up knowing about their different heritages. (In case you were wondering, I am mostly Irish- my mom is 100% and my Husband also has some Irish heritage).

So we have been reading the follow books this week:

All three books are cute and simple books about Chinese New Year and Chinese Culture. Dim Sum For Everyone by Grace Lin has a bunch of different popular dim sum foods named in the back…what is your favorite dim sum? Mine are Sesame Rice Balls! 😉

Sierra from H is for Homeschooling and I were chatting about what activities we wanted to do for Chinese New Year, since we both have ties to the Chinese Culture(She has two ADORABLE little boys, go look!!), and we both thought of clothespins wheels, so I just HAD to make them (Images thanks to Office Images).

When I was talking to Sierra, she had mentioned how animal ID/matching would be more appropraite for her son, as he is a little younger than my E, than letter matching/ID, so I decided to make these wheels to serve two purposes: Letter ID/matching and animal matching/ID. This way, it can be used with a bigger variety of children/students. So in addition to the wheels, I’m providing pictures of each animal that can be cut out and glued onto a clothespin for animal matching/ID!

How to use these clothespin wheels:

  • Print out the pages on card stock, cut out, and laminate for durability
  • For letter matching activity: You will need 12 clothespins. On each clothespin, write the first letter of each animal of the Chinese Zodiac. Have your child match the letter on the clothespin to the first letter of the animals name on the wheel (which you will fine is in a bigger font size) by attaching the clothespin onto the appropriate letter.
  • For animal matching activity: You will need 12 clothespins. Print out and cut out the pictures of the animals (see below) and glue them onto the clothespins. Have your child watch animal-to-animal by attaching the clothespin to the corresponding animal on the wheel.
  • Looking for another great Chinese Zodiac/Chinese New Year activity? Check out the two sets of memory/go fish/describing cards I made HERE.

Get your own copy of the Chinese Zodiac Clothespin Wheels HERE for FREE (Images thanks to Office Images) ! PLEASE let me know if you use them, and if you blog about using them, link back and let me know!

Now, I hope you all have a RELAXING weekend! My week was just too crazy…I am looking forward to some down time :)


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  1. Carla @ Preschool Powol Packets says

    Katie, This is AWESOME! I wish I’d seen it yesterday, but I’m totally going to share it on FB and Pinterest! I love the animal *and* letter matching options…I’m pretty sure my kids will throw in animal sounds and a story or two too! So cool!

  2. says

    I really love the idea! However, instead of using your idea (I’m sorry, no kids yet :p) I’d love to use the animal images for my own webpage, as I’m giving an explanation on Chinese zodiacs and was looking for cute images. (Sorry, webpage is in Dutch)