Freebie Friday: Where is Cupid? A Prepositional Game

I know, I know….you came here today for a FREEBIE! So, here you go!

Cupid Collage


This week my freebie is a Valentines Themed Game called Where is Cupid. This card game targets prepositions by showing Cupid in different positions around other objects. Here is what the cards look like:

You can use these cards in MANY ways!

  • Using two sets have your child/student match picture to picture
  • Using one set have your child/student label each preposition
  • Using one set have your child/student match opposite prepositions
  • Using one set, hide the cards around the room, turn out the lights, and have your child/student use flashlights to go find and label all the cards.
  • Using two sets play memory or go fish
  • Using one set play memory or go fish by matching/pairing opposite prepositions
  • Using one set, place cards in a pile. Take turns having your child/student pick a card and then demonstrate the preposition in some form (i.e. using manipulatives, pictures, a  barrier game, using their own bodies, etc).

Download your own set for FREE right HERE (Images thanks to Office Images)

Have a FABULOUS weekend!


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  1. says

    Wow! Great freebie! We are working on prepositions at this very time, so these cards will be a fun way to reinforce the preposition word list. Thanks!

  2. says

    LOVE this!! Say…. am I crazy or did you blog get a ‘face lift’ so to speak?!? Love the different colored buttons! Thanks for linking up to TGIF =-)

  3. Gayle says

    I’m new to the site and not understanding what you mean by having the child “label” the preposition. How would this work for my communication-delayed 4-year-old?


  1. […] 5. Where Is It? I don’t know where I originally purchased this game but I just found it at Amazon for under $20. This is a bingo type game that teaches 24 locative concepts. My students always LOVE this simple game! I also will just use the picture cards paired with another game (like Cariboo or Don’t break the Ice). Looking for something similar? I made a set of cards you can download for free: Where is Cupid? A Prepositional Game. […]