Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover Story Telling Necklace

OK I seriously had SO MUCH FUN with this book and the clip art I purchased at Scrappin Doodles! I had to make just one more activity to go along with this book! (If you didn’t already see them, I also made a barrier game and a fun feed-the-old-lady activity also).

Story Telling Necklace

Jenna over at Speech Room News recently shared with us her Brown Bear Brown Bear Activities that she did with her speech kids. One of the activities was a story retelling necklace. I LOVE this idea, so I decided to make this one too!

You simply print out and cut out the items and have the children sequence the items in the order in which the Old Lady Eats them in the story (and dances with them and burps them out, as she does with the Leprechaun and the rainbow!)  Punch a hole at the top of each item and have the children lace the pictures (again, in order) with a couple beads between each picture. Then the child can use the pictures as visual cues to retell the story! Grab your own copy (which comes with directions) HERE.

Happy Story Telling!



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  1. Sephanie says

    Thank you very much for your free mini books. My kids in Costa Rica are going to enjoy them very much! God bless you! Stephanie

    • Katie says

      Hi Deanna. I didn’t create a story board activity specifically for this book. I made a barrier game, story telling necklace, and a FEED the old lady activity. There is a large picture of the daisy included in the FEED the Old Lady post, but there is not a large Leprechaun because she does not actually eat him in the story, she dances with him. There are small pictures of everything for the story telling necklace. Does that make sense?

  2. says

    A story-telling necklace!? I totally love this idea!! So great for sequencing, fine motor skills, bilateral coordination…a therapist’s dream! :) Thanks so much for the inspiration!