Super Duper Any Time Go-Togethers: Review and Giveaway!

Picture cards are a must-have in the speech therapy world. My first year out of grad school one of my very first purchases was a big box of picture cards to help target vocabulary and other concepts in my then moderate to severely delayed population. So I was really excited when Super Duper asked if I would be interested in reviewing a new product of theirs, the Anytime Go-Together Super Photo Fun Deck.



Product Description:

The Anytime Go-Togethers deck comes with 84 photo card pairs. The 168 photo cards, which are large at 4”x4”, are separated into two decks, each with a different colored backing to help keep organized and come in a tin storage container with handle. This product also comes with an instruction booklet with game ideas and provides a full picture list of all cards for reference.

What I love about these cards:

  • Pictures: the pictures themselves are bright , simple, and are contrasted against a white background which makes them easy to see visually.
  • Size: these cards are not too big but not too small. The first set of picture cards I mentioned in my intro that I purchased right out of grad school (which I still have!) are quite a bit larger than these which at times is not convenient. I like the size of these cards.
  • Reference guide: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fact that this deck comes with a reference list not using just words but PICTURES. I am a visual person and having this reference list in a simple small booklet makes planning activities using these cards MUCH easier than even a word list.
  • Game ideas: I love that the book came with four game ideas to use with these cards.

What I would love to see next:

  • More game/therapy ideas. The only thing I could really think of to improve this product would be to provide MORE activity ideas to do with the cards both in the booklet and in the online description. As SLPs we are constantly creating activities with materials and its nice to have activity ideas already written up for us. The four ideas that come with the game are great, but more is always better 😉

Some ways to use the cards:

I want to share with you some ideas I have had on how you can use these cards in your therapy sessions!

  • WH questions: For children who need to work on answering WH questions, you can use these cards to target just that! Pick some cards and write WH questions about them while using the cards as visual supports. For example: What do we use to brush our teeth? Why do we wear sunglasses? Where do we place a garbage bag? What animal likes to eat cheese? What does a baby drink from? Where do we sit to eat dinner? What do we do with a shovel? Etc.
  • Memory: Play the classic Memory game with these cards. Because of their size, I would play this game on the floor and only use maybe 20-26 cards. Have the children pick one card of each color (one red, one blue) trying to find and match the things that go together.
  • Headbandz: I think these cards would be great to use with the Headbandz game to target question asking, answering, and describing skills.

Would I recommend this product: YES! I would. These are quality picture cards of everyday items (and a few not-s-everyday, like cactus) that all children should know. They can be used in a wide variety of activities which also is so important in our field!

Super Duper was SO awesome to offer one set of these great cards to one of my readers! All you have to do is enter below using the Rafflecopter! This giveaway will be open until Tuesday April  17th at 11:59pm Eastern. Ages 18 and up. Please read full terms and conditions before entering. Winners will be contacted via email and announced in next Wednesday’s blog post. Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Congrats to the two winners of the Super Duper Mini Books giveaway from last week, Colleen D and Megan L! Keep a look out in your email from me so I can get your address!

Disclosure: The product in this review was provided to me by Super Duper Publications (one set for me to keep, and one set to giveaway). However all opinions in the review are authentic and mine alone.


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  1. Lori P says

    My spring break consisted of a short trip with NYC with a friend then to my hometown to work on wedding plans and visit family. It was a whirlwind trip(s) but so much fun!

  2. says

    I spent my spring break creating activities, doing paperwork, and completing homework for graduate school. I also saw my family and enjoyed Easter celebrations!

  3. Sabrina says

    What a great giveaway! We relaxed at home and did lots of gardening and went visiting family within the city!

  4. becky says

    Unfortunately we didn’t get to go anywhere fun, but we did spend a lot of time outside. Life was pretty normal with doctor’s appointments.

  5. Carrie-Anne Irby says

    We did a stay-cation and only went to a game ranch to feed the animals. It was so nice not doing anything!

  6. Kazima says

    Unfortunately, I worked all through spring break! :( Which is why I need these flashcards to make therapy sessions easier for me. 😉

  7. Tasha says

    My son’s (who happens to be 2 yrs. old) Spring Break has not been very exciting because I have had to work. However, I am taking the entire day off tomorrow to sleep in, go thrift shopping, take the doggy to the park, and get some ice cream. I am trying to cram it all in. He should be good and tired by bed time :)

  8. Anne says

    I visited my lovely college roommates and some of my SLP grad school friends. Love catching up with those girls!

    • Katie says

      Sandra, you could start using these cards as early as 18 months just for vocabulary development and then start working on the associations closer to three or four depending on the child’s abilities. I am positive that these would be very helpful for Adeline! If you end up winning these or buying them, email me and I will give you some tips on how to use them with her! My three year old thinks they are awesome! Ha!

  9. Intzeidou Kyriaki says

    Thanks for the chance to enter in this lovely giveaway!Having a break means that we take part (Melina,George & me!)in activities for kids!I really enjoy it as much as my children!