Super Duper Quick Take Along Mini Books: Review and Giveaway!

As a speech pathologist, I am constantly trying to find quality therapy products. In addition, I am also always looking for things to make my job easier. When working in the schools, an SLP typically has a large caseload (between 45-80 students) with diverse goals and objectives. The majority of the time, we have no choice but to group children based on the times of day and not based on similar goals, which would be the most effective for planning and implementing therapy!

So I was so excited when Super Duper Publications asked if I would be interested in reviewing their new Quick Take Along Mini Books! I was lucky enough to be able to review their Articulation Quick Take Along Mini Book and their Phonology Quick Take Along Mini Book.

Product Descriptions:

These mini books contain pages and pages of word lists that can be used in screenings, therapy, or RTI activities. Each mini book is compact (3″ x 5″), spiral bound and constructed from laminated pages. Word lists are color coded by either sound position (for the Artic book) or by phonological process (for the phonology book). Here are some specifics for each book:

The Articulation Mini Book contains:

  • 1,386 words
  • 18 or more words per sound position (Initial, Medial, and Final)
  • 24 sounds: B, CH, D, F, G, H, J, K, L, L Blends, M, N, P, R (vocalic), R Blends, S, S Blends, SH, T, TH, V, W, Y, and Z




The Phonology Mini-Book includes 1,100 minimal pairs that target the following 10 phonological processes and are organized by sounds made at the front of the mouth (bilabials) to the back of the mouth (velars):

  • Final Consonant Deletion
  • Fronting
  • Stopping
  • Cluster Reduction
  • Stridency Deletion
  • Gliding
  • Prevocalic Voicing
  • Postvocalic Devoicing
  • Initial Consonant Deletion
  • Nasalization

What I like about them

I will admit I was presently surprised when I received these little books. I mean, I have a couple books with word lists (ok, like 10 different books) so why on earth would I need ANOTHER set of word lists? Here is what I like about these:

  • SIZE! Absolutely hands-down the best aspect of this product is the size! You can literally throw these in your pocket which would be awesome if a teacher asks if you can pop in and listen to a student.
  • Laminated pages: This will help with durability and allows you to clean the pages after germy little hands get a hold of them 😉
  • The Spiral Binding: This makes it possible to fold the book in half or lay it flat on a table.


What I’d love to see next

I really do love these books, but I always see room for improvements or upgrades in basically every product. Here are some things that I would love to see in the future or as a new but similar product:

  • Page Tabs: The one thing that I think would make these books even better, if if there were tabs to help you find the page you need quickly. It isn’t needed but would be useful!
  • Pictures: I think it would be great to have another version of these books with pictures rather than words. I realize that in doing that, the books would end up being bigger or thicker. Another idea could be a mini book of picture scenes rather than a book with pictures of the target words which would allow for the small compact size. Each picture scene could have several target words per sound and could be used to elicit more spontaneous language and speech.

Would I recommend this product? Absolutely! Think these are a fantastic addition to my materials and I know I will be using them regularly. Right now I am working privately with clients and these books have a permanent home in my therapy bag. In fact I used the phonology one just the other day in a session to help me decide which process to target next.

Super Duper was SO awesome to offer one copy of each book to give away to my readers! All you have to do is enter below using the Rafflecopter! I will pick two winners, one will receive the Phonology book, and one will recieve the articulation book. This giveaway will be open until Tuesday April  10th at 11:59pm Eastern. Ages 18 and up. Please read full terms and conditions before entering. Winners will be contacted via email and announced in Wednesday’s blog post. Good luck!

To read more about Super Duper’s Quick Take Along Mini Books, click the links below!

The Articulation Mini Book

The Phonology Mini-Book

The Vocabulary Mini Book

The Grammar Mini Book

Critical Thinking Mini Book

Auditory Processing Mini Book

Articulation Phrases and Sentences Mini Book

WH questions Mini Book


Disclosure: The products in this review were provided to me by Super Duper Publications (one set for me to keep, and one set to giveaway). However all opinions in the review are authentic and mine alone.

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  1. Ann Doran says

    WOW….loved your blog….Did not know about the minibooks…looks like this is a must have! My favorite UNPLUGGED is a Fisher
    Price House that they no longer make. I get so much therapy from this house. It was an expensive find but well worth it!

  2. Casey says

    I just ordered a couple of these books the other day for the exact reasons listed above. I hope that I really like them as much as you do! Thanks for the review! BTW, as a school SLP and a mom, I love your blog…thanks for all of the super ideas and great resources you provide your audience, no matter what their profession or background!

  3. Toya says

    I am grad student and I bought the phonology mini-book at the TSHA convention and love it! I would love to add these to my toolbox :)

  4. Brandi says

    I am not a therapist, but working with my son at home who is in speech twice a week (I was a middle school teacher).I am finding the best way for me to help him at home is to have motivating games ready for him to do. You have given great ideas on this! I also made a set of cards. They are just silly things, but he loves to draw them and see what “we” will be doing. I do the silly things with him :) He just has to practice his sound a certain number of times. He is very active, so have some variation in his practice is crucial. These lists would really help me since I do not have this background.

    • Katie says

      Brandi, this is SO true. Motivation is really #1 when working with little ones. I find activities that keep kids up and moving tend to work really well!

  5. Liz says

    Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas! These reviews are very helpful, as I work to develop my relatively small collection of therapy materials.

  6. D says

    I do early intervention and am always looking for ideas I can simplify for my little kiddos. I have to say bubbles, cars and balls, top the all time favorite list. Alligator/dentist toy is another favorite, and as you mentioned you have to be aware of how the little one reacts. Another go to toy is a toy microwave, great to use with all kinds of food and pretending to eat or feed a stuffed animal or baby.
    Keep up the great blog – really enjoy it.

  7. says

    I LOVE Super Duper products and all the wonderful ideas & printables you share on your blog. The very small rural school I go to has very limited funds so it would be a blessing for the kids I see there to have these to use in speech therapy…. thanks :)
    Angela recently posted..Review & Giveaway: Yoga-Yingo GamesMy Profile

  8. Kelly says

    I have a great variety of favorite materials. My new favorite is my iPad, but my old “stand-bys” for reinforcement include: crocodile dentist, UNO, Guess Who (excellent for problem solving, grammar, and pragmatics), Spin to Win (a great battling tops type game that the kids associate with beyblade), and Connect 4. I also have some home-made materials, such as file folder games, a no “cats game” way to play tic tac toe (and you can put their target words in the box to practice), and you would be AMAZED how much you can do with a bag of used buttons (using them as counters, tokens, game pieces, sorting, compare/contrast, etc). For favorite stimulus materials, I could not do without my LDA verb tense sequencing cards, my SPARC-R, and my No-Glamour Listening and no Glamour Language and Reasoning. Is that complete enough of a list?

  9. Em Walker says

    P.S. The “therapy” we can’t live without is well building blocks. We stack them according to syllables so that my son will understand that there is more to the word than just ‘buh’. He is in ST 2x a week. My oldest is HoH and is just now starting to sound like it, and he’s learning to read at the same time. I’m not sure what to do for him but, we’re working on it! :)

  10. Leslie says

    The small size and durability of the books sound great! I would love to use them in my quick artic. sessions.

  11. Kristi says

    I just purchased 2 of these mini books at a recent conference and LOVE them! I plan on getting more! I have the Vocabulary and WH Questions – very useful!!

  12. Cassandra says

    It’s hard to pick just one therapy material I cannot live without. :) I use picture communication symbols (or a white board for some) in most of my sessions; for scheduling, for choice making, for communication.

  13. Heather Penso says

    I work as a preschool SLP in a public school district and my therapy material that I could not live without would have to be stickers! The students love them and they can be used as game pieces, rewards, tokens or modified to any particular game. Also, since there are so many to choose from, you can generally find some that appeal to any child! I always have TONS of stickers in my bag to pull out during activities!!

  14. M says

    I love your blog. Thanks for all the great ideas.
    I use my Chipper Chat tokens and magnetic strips for everything. They are good for reinforcers as well as language stimulus.

  15. Christine says

    Just discovered your blog today! I’m home schooling my boys and 5 year old with ASD. These books would be great!


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