Arthritis Walk 2012!

It was a BUSY weekend….which is why this will be a quick post. We participated in our local Arthritis Walk on Saturday in honor of my daughter E who has Juvenile Arthritis. In fact, my daughter was the honoree for the walk. It was a FANTASTIC time…the event was amazing and the committee did an awesome job planning an implementing this event. I’m so pleased to announce that we ended up raising a total of…


I took a bunch of pictures…but the following pictures really say it all….First E with her cousin C who she loves so much…

Then my little baby boy Ev…walking in support of his big sister. His shirt says “I support my big sister and her fight against Juvenile Arthritis”

And…the best of all…four girls walking for a CURE…

(E with her friends C, B and M…yes her shirt says Juvenile Arthritis SUCKS)

Thanks for everyone’s support!! It means SO MUCH to us.

Tomorrow…more about signing!!



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  1. Sabrina says

    Oh what touching pictures. Thank you for sharing them and congratulations on the amazing total raised!