4th of July Crafts

It’s the first official Activity Tuesday! With the 4th of July coming up TOMORROW..I have a couple 4th of July crafts to share with you, thanks to Pinterest 😉 So, if you are looking for some last minute craft ideas to do with the kids for the 4th, you are in the right place! I did these two crafts with both my own daughter as well as with my speech clients…all the kids loved them!

4th of July Lanterns

I got this idea from The Crafting Chicks via Pinterest. We made lanterns for Valentines Day this year and my daughter loved them…so when I saw these I knew they would be perfect for us for the 4th of July. My clients also loved making these! All you need is some construction paper, scissors, glue, and whatever items you want to use to decorate them. We used some foam star stickers and glitter glue at home, and with my clients I just cut out stars from different colored paper to glue on.














4th of July Fireworks

As soon as I saw this on Pinterest I knew my daughter would enjoy it…plus it is a great fine motor activity and I am always trying to sneak those into our routines when we can. This craft was pinned from Better Homes and Gardens. In their version, they used glue and glitter to make the pipe cleaners sparkle, however I found it easier just to buy the shiny pipe cleaners and skip that messy step. To make them my way, all you need is some pipe cleaners of your choice, beads, and some type of thin string to hang them on.

How we made ours:

  • Take 6 pipe cleaners and cut in half
  • String a bead to the end of each end of all 12 halves. Fold the end over to secure the bead
  • Place all 12 pieces together and wrap another 1/2 pipe cleaner around the center.
  • Bend and move the stems to look like a fire work.
  • Tie a string around the center and hang!

Enjoy! And have a FANTASTIC 4th of July!

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