M&M Bingo {Therapy Thursday}

When I am working in the schools with small groups, one of the things I love to do is have a FUN and motivating activity every month to kind of celebrate all the work the kids have been doing and to reward them for that work. The most popular activity I do to celebrate my students is M&M Bingo.

How to Play M&M Bingo

Oh man….this is a tough one đŸ˜‰ Simple explanation: You play bingo but rather than use little tokens for markers, use M&Ms. Then at the end of the game…everyone gets to eat their chocolate! MMmmmm….

What Kind Of BINGO Cards to Use

Apple Bingo from Speaking of Speech

  • You can use BINGO cards specifically made for certain articulation sounds, vocabulary words, or language concepts (Like WH bingo, /r/ Bingo, etc from Super Duper Inc) depending on the goals of your students.
  • You can do what I do and use BINGO cards that coincide with seasons and holidays (see resources below).
  • You can also use any other commercially available BINGO. Honestly, you can use any cards you want!

Where I Get My Cards

Spring Bingo from Crayola

I like FREE cards, and I also like cards that I can print out and let the kids color. I find that that gives them something to do when it is not their turn. I know this is not always the most economical choicebut it what I prefer. Since I don’t use pen-and-paper activities all that much in my sessions, I have always been able to afford the copies for my students. It also helped that the last few years I have been working part time đŸ˜‰ Anyway…here is where I get some of my FREE cards.

  • Speaking Of Speech Materials Exchange: Thematic Units. This is where I have gotten MANY sets of BINGO cards that I use to go along with holidays and seasons (Fall, Winter, Spring, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas). I made these YEARS ago and laminated them. I have also printed them out in B&W for larger groups when I’m in a bind and need something quick.
  • Crayola Color Pages. Follow the link and put BINGO in the search box and there are like 60 pages of FREE printable BINGO cards for all the different holidays and seasons! These are GREAT and I use them all the time!


  • I tend to do M&M BINGO around once a month as a reward for all the hard work the kids have been doing
  • I use my TIMERS and have the children work on their goals as they take turns. I may give an extra M&M here and there for exceptional work.
  • I keep small snack bags in my room…sometimes kids prefer to take their candy home. This has never been a problem so far…I have a strict rule that it must go into the back packs until they get home and if they eat it before school is over and I find out…no more for them!

That’s it…pretty simple but FUN!

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About Katie

Katie is a licensed, credentialed and certified pediatric speech-language pathologist and mom to three (5, 3 and 9 months). Her passion about educating, inspiring and empowering parents of children with all abilities led her to start her blog Playing With Words 365 where she shares information about speech and language development, therapy ideas and tips, intervention strategies and a little about her family life too. Katie has been working in the field of speech pathology for 9 years and is certified in The Hanen Centre’s It Takes Two to Talk ® and Target Word ® programs and holds a certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). In addition to blogging and being a mommy, Katie works part time in her small private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can follow her on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.


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  2. […] or candies for markers. You can print out a few different bingo cards online. Check out my post HERE for links to free bingo boards as well as some different ways to use the game. Crayola offers a […]

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