Apple Roll and Cover {Freebie}

Today we have another awesome FREEBIE! Brea is sharing with us a great activity that will probably go with one of your themes this fall. I know I often use an Apple Theme in September and I look forward to using this! Thanks Brea! ~Katie


I’m planning on starting my year with my preschoolers focusing on the apple theme. What’s a better way to celebrate the beginning of the school year than by using apples? Since I’ll still be getting to know my new caseload and figuring out their goals, I thought it would be good to use a quick and easy game to go along with any other materials targeting specific goals (language, artic, etc.).

Since I work with preschoolers, this will be a good way to quickly assess their counting, describing, color distinguishing (green vs. red), and preposition abilities. For example, number 1 is below number 9; number 4 is next to/beside number 7. Also, you can target WH-questions (who eats apples, where do you find an apple, what is inside an apple, what does an apple look like, what do apples taste like, what are inside apples).For describing, this is the time to introduce the EET! Most clinicians know what the EET is, and I have found that it’s best to begin describing objects according to the EET right from the start of therapy. Most of my preschoolers only know blue “do” and green “group” right now, but I hope to expand that this year and go further.For those of you who are unfamiliar with EET, it’s an Expanding Expression Tool. The student would use each color as a prompt for describing an object. For example:

  • Green “group” – apples are fruits
  • Blue “do” – you eat an apple
  • Eye “what does it look like” – it’s round, red, big, with a stem and a leaf
  • Brown “what is it made of” – seeds
  • Pink “parts” – seeds, apple core, stem, leaf
  • White “where” – find apples on trees
  • ? “what else do I know” – apples a juicy, big/small, etc.

You can purchase the EET materials from Most SLPs also have some form of chipper chat whether it’s articulation, holiday, whatever. Use the bingo chips to cover the correct number, and then let your students use the magic wand to pick up their bingo chips!Instructions:

1. Have the student roll two dice (use the dice with the dots) and have him or her count the number of dots that he or she rolled.

2. Instruct the student to find the matching number on the tree. Ask the student to describe the apple, use an appropriate preposition, or ask an appropriate WH-question.

3. Next have the student place a bingo chip (of his or her choosing) on the correct apple.
4. Once the tree is completely full, have the student use the magic wand to remove all of the bingo chips. Play again!

You can get a copy for free HERE!


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