Fire Truck Prepositions {Freebie}

Looking for a free and fun prepositions activities? You’ve found it! Jenn brings us a GREAT post today. Enjoy! ~Katie


Ever had one of those moments that you remember so clearly, mostly because it reminded you of all the work you still had to do?  Here is one of the last ones I remember from right before school got out in June…

SLP:  “Where is your nose?”

Student:  “In my face.”

SLP:  “IN your face?”

Student:  “Yes!”

SLP:  [bangs face ON table]

Does this sound familiar?  I have a couple of little guys who have a lot of trouble with the prepositions on and in!  Once I think they have it, they surprise me with a conversation like above.

Comprehension of in/on prepositions usually develops around age 3 and production quickly follows; however, many children with language disorders have difficulty with these concepts as school-aged children, and often confuse their use in conversation.  The students I am working with can identify it correctly in pictures, but need to work on generalizing, so I’ve come up with a little activity to share with everyone to target just that!  Fire Pups Prepositions!

This could be done independently if your students are readers, but I envision using this as teacher led activity to sort sentences based on the correct prepositions.  There are four fire trucks, which can be used to glue to each other so that you can create a pocket OR you can have just four place mats for sorting.  I created a pocket for the “in” truck so that the sentences can be put inside for further practice with the concept.  I glued the “on” truck completely together, the idea being to stack the pups on the truck, again to further build the concept.

There are 12 pups with sentences for each preposition.  The student or SLP will read the sentence and decide which preposition correctly fills the blank, then sort it to the correct fire truck.  You can work on one at a time, or mix all the pups up and work on both!

Other ideas for reviewing this concept:

  • Early in the development of prepositions, use your body!  I am IN the classroom, my hand is ON the table, your ears are ON your head, etc.
  • Walk around the therapy room, find objects and ask the student to produce sentences using the preposition correctly (ex. “Where is the book? The book is ON the shelf.”  “Where is the ball?  The ball is IN the basket.”)
  • Use books and describe the pictures focusing on prepositions.
  • Where question activities frequently use these prepositions, so look through what you have already!

I hope you can use this activity in your therapy room, too!

And because it is Freebie Friday, Jenn has graciously provided this activity for FREE for my readers! Get your copy now HERE!!! Thanks Jenn! You ROCK!

Jenn Alcorn is a school based Speech-Language Pathologist in Florida.  She has been practicing for 5 years and currently works with students from grades PK to 8.  Jenn is also the author of  Crazy Speech World. Head over there and check it out! Make sure to follow her on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest!



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  1. Doreen says

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I am a special ed teacher & each year I seem to have at least 1 child that struggles with positional words. This is great!

  2. says

    OH THESE freebie resources are SOO HELPFUL! My LO has developmental delays at 5 and an SLP we work with regularly. I find it however, MORE useful to have some array of different activities for us to do at home, on a regular from other SLP’s! Just a BIG THANK you! Also, sending our prayers, good vibes, support, and all through the present troubles. You are appreciated here muchly;) We look forward to the fill-ins and their opportunities to share their support as well! G.Bless!