Toddler Science Experiment

What a FUN activity Melanie brings us today…great for a rainy (or HOT) day! I plan on doing this with my own kids and possibly with my speech clients also! ~Katie


This is a great experiment that helps children learn the properties of liquids when they are ready to study the states of matter – solids, liquids and gases.

Supplies Needed: Wax Paper, Dropper, Water and a Toothpick for each child. (Food Coloring is optional but adds to the fun).

Directions: Place waxed paper on table or desk in front of child. With a dropper, place a drop of water onto the waxed paper. Child uses the toothpick to explore the water droplet. He can move it, poke it, etc. Add more dots to the paper and watch what the child discovers. He can combine drops, separate drops, and continue to move them around. Try it with colored water. The child can then discover what happens when different colored drops are combined.

The mess is minimal and you may be surprised how long the child is engaged!

Melanie is 1 of 3 sisters who grew up in a household of girls. Now that she and her sisters are having their own kids, they’re having nothing but boys and boy do they notice the difference! They are learning that boys are very different from girls and face unique challenges, especially in school, and so they have started Raise a Boy with their mom (an elementary school teacher with more than 20 years teaching experience) to share educational resources, fun activities and tricks they’re learning as they try to raise their boys to be men. Follow them on Facebook to stay up to date!


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