A New Year, A New Look {Take the Tour}

Guess what? Saturday was my blogaversary! It was one year ago that I published my first post. It is crazy to think that it has already been a year since I started PWW365. And to celebrate my one year blogaversary, I decided to give the blog a huge makeover. My intent was to make it look more professional and user friendly. In addition to the makeover, I am also looking for some input from my readers to help make PWW365 an even better place to be! But first…let me take you on a little tour of the blog and show you what’s new!

Let’s Take a Little Tour

You probably noticed right away that I have a new banner. I found the clip art and fell in love. Don’t you just love the classic, vintage feel? Back to basics. That’s what I love.

But of course, there is more than a new banner! Let’s go through the blog and take a look at what’s new.

Easier Navigation: While there used to be a two level menu bar at the top of my blog (under the banner), there now is a simplified, one level menu. Hover over the menu items to activate the drop down options. You will notice some new pages (which I will go over later).

Stay Connected via Social Media and RSS: You will find a brand new set of social media icons at the top of my sidebar (on the right). Click any of these to connect and stay up to date via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google +, RSS or click on the envelope to send me an email!

Stay Connected via Email:  Ok, ok..this isn’t a new feature. But I wanted to remind you that if you want to be sure not to miss a post you should sign up to get all my new content delivered to your inbox! I love this feature of blogs…it makes it so easy! There is a little box in my sidebar where you can enter your email address and BOOM. There you have it. Awesomeness in an email. 😉

New Side Menu and Popular Topics: When people come to my site, they are generally looking for specific types of information. To make things easier to find and navigate, I created a simple side menu where you can find links to some of the most searched-for information on my site! Check it out right there–>

New Pages/Topics: Remember how I mentioned earlier that I have new pages set up? In an effort to help organize my site and make it as user-friendly as possible, I created some new pages that provide links to many of the top information on my site by topic. These pages can be accessed in both the top menu and the new “popular topics” menu in the sidebar. Want to go check them out? Of course you do! Here they are!

How to Help Your Child Talk This page contains links to information in how you, as the parent or caregiver, can help your child talk. This page is a work in progress…meaning I have a ton of other posts coming up to help parents and caregivers help little ones
to communicate. So check back often!

Speech and Language 101: Looking for information about speech and language development? Topics include typical (and atypical) speech and language development, red flags, speech and language, how to find an SLP, etc. This is, of course, always a work in progress as well!

Sign Language 101: All kinds of information about signing with little ones!

About This Blog: This is a new page that just tells a little about this blog rather than about me.

Speech Therapy Activities and Tips {Coming Soon} Right now when you click on this it will take you to all my posts in the category. Soon I will have an individual page dedicated to this category with my therapy information further categorized to make things easy to find, just like I made for the above topics.

Check Out Activities by Topic and Theme: This also isn’t a few feature, but wanted to point out the cool tabs in my sidebar. You can look at posts by popularity, topic or theme. I did adjust the popular posts tab…this used to be popular posts of all time and it now shows the most popular posts of the last 60 days.

New Blog Button: Of course, I had to make a new button to go along with my new theme! Check it out in my sidebar and feel free to share the love!

Check out where else I contribute:  In my sidebar you will find some links to other great places I contribute to…check them out!

Well..I think that does it for the tour today! What do you all think of the new look? Is there something else you were hoping to see? Let me know! Oh and did you see I have the Facebook Page a makeover too?

Coming in a future post..how YOU can help ME make PWW365 even better!



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  1. says

    Katie, all of your hard work has paid off with this new blog site! I will definitely be utilizing it for information and resources (just like I have done with your “old” one!). Thanks for all of your hard work and sharing.

    • Katie says

      CC NO I did not see you were here this summer!!!! I’d LOVE to meet up when you are here, seriously. We can chat Blogs, JA, Speechie stuff, Superheroes…you know all the good stuff 😉 Thank you thank you! I’ve taught myself a lot on the blog design front. I’m HAPPY to share!!