Out Of The Mouths of Babes

The week before last I had to take E to her 4-month eye check. My friend went with us to help me with Ev (who likes to hang from all the equipment like a monkey….sigh). It was time for the vision screening so the nurse started putting all these black and white pictures up for E to identify.

Have you seen the pictures they use for these eye tests? They are kind of odd. Black and white and slightly….abstract.

And the picture of the telephone is rotary and circa 1960. (E did know what it was!)

So the nurse is going through the images and E is naming them off and she gets to the next image and E says

“Those are phalanges.”

Cue odd look from the nurse. “Wait, what are those?”

“I said they are phalanges!” Cue eye roll and seriously don’t you know this? look from my daughter.

See, the picture of the hand that they showed her almost looked skeletal (I told you the pictures are a little odd) so she was 100% correct. My 3 year old told that nurse exactly what she saw.


So then I was telling my mom this story a couple days later. My mom thought this was just so awesome that her granddaughter knows the word phalanges, so she stuck out her toes and asked “Ellie, what are these called?”

“Those are foot phalanges.”

Ev’s tiny foot phalanges at a week old.

What funny things have your children (or students) said lately?


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  1. says

    I was working with a group of second grade students and the focus of our session was to practice a collection strategy for personal narratives. The students had to think of memories they have had based on a feeling word. I gave them some time to try to think on their own and as usual gave them encouraging prompts and reinforcement. One of my students was able to come up with two ideas and my goal was to get him to come up with three. When I said, “N, you can do it! I’m sure many things have happened in your life that made you feel happy,” he replied with, “I can’t think of any more, it’s not fair, we haven’t lived that long.” So cute!

  2. Carrie Manchester says

    I made a polka-dot sign for my room. At the start of the year, I told all of my kiddos to “look for the polka-dots” when they asked where my room was. This week, we walked into the Media Center (large, open, very echoey part of the school where my room is located), and one of my lovelies YELLED “Mrs Manchester, I see your coconuts!!!”

  3. says

    The first time my son had his eyes checked the OD showed him 3 fingers and said “how many fingers am I holding up”. My son (who knew how to count in ASL) said 6. The OD thought something was wrong with his eyes. My husband had to laugh and tell him that The Flash was exactly correct!

  4. Elle says

    Last week when I was working on labeling verbs with one of my kiddos, we looked at a picutre of a broom. I asked, “What would I do with a broom?” to which he replied, “fly!”