Big News! We Did it!

If you follow along on Facebook, you know that my husband and I had finally decided to take the plunge and begin the quest to find our “forever” home. You know, the home that we plan on raising our children in for the long haul. We are hoping to stay in this home at least 20 years, if not longer. We LOVE our current neighborhood… I mean LOVE it (we have the best neighbors anyone could ask for) but unfortunately we are simply outgrowing our current home. And currently the interest rates are fantastic and the market is still pretty good/low here (on its way UP I think!) so we felt like this was the right time.

We met with our realtor recently to discuss what to get done on this house to get it ready, and to start the search process. The market here is very competitive so we have been “looking” at homes for a couple months both online and in person when we could. We have been scoping out neighborhood we like, and ones we don’t and figured out the areas we should be able to afford (and the areas we can’t).

We have been doing our research!

So recently a house came up on the market and well….I did exactly what you are not supposed to do. I fell in love.

Luckily for me, my husband also liked the home. We saw it a couple times before placing our offer yesterday morning.

And then…we waited.

We were not the only person who was interested in the house. There were multiple offers. It was nerve wracking. I tried to keep myself occupied by packing things here…I tried to write some posts but I couldn’t concentrate.

Finally, just after 8pm our realtor called to let us know that

We got the house!

We did it! We got the house….a house I LOVE. I am so ecstatic it is not even funny. I am STILL having a hard time concentrating today! It was a stressful process but in the end, we got the house we wanted!

If you have ever done the buy/sell home process (this is our second time selling) you know how much work is involved. We have inspections to do and  a LOT of things to do to our current home. Packing, cleaning, organizing, staging, fixing, more cleaning, more packing….I have already packed up like 7 boxes of toys/stuffed animals/books and still have so much to pack up.

The past 5 days have pretty much been consumed with house stuff so I am rather behind on blog posts. Don’t worry, I have several drafts in the making and I’ll be posting some great new content soon! Bear with me the next few weeks though as we get things ready to sell!

And…I just realized that I never shared that my dear sweet baby boy turned TWO recently. TWO!!! Where has the time gone? Wasn’t he just this tiny  like yesterday???

basket old fashion

So, Happy Happy birthday to my sweet boy. I am so glad he made me a mother of a SON. He brings us such joy every day. Love you buddy.

Until next time…..after I’ve packed 10 more boxes….


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