Tips On Eliciting Sounds: I Need YOU!

In the survey I did a few months ago, one thing I was asked to blog about from fellow SLPs was how to elicit sounds. This was also mentioned on my Facebook page recently when I asked for topics you all wanted covered. So I definately want to start a little series on this.


I am just one SLP, and I don’t have all the answers. I can share MY tips, but what I would like to do is also gather YOUR tips on how to elicit each sound and then I will do a series of posts sharing all the wonderful information you all have!

Tips On Eliciting Sounds- I Need Your help

So here is how it will work. Today I am going to share with you two surveys…one for /r/ and one for /g/ and /k/. I would LOVE for you to head over to both surveys and leave your tips for eliciting these sounds. Then at the end of one of those posts..I will be sharing surveys for two more sounds, and so on until they are all covered. It will take us a few months to get through ALL the speech sounds but then in the end I will make a page here on the blog with links to ALL the posts for easy (and FREE!) access for everyone!

What do you think? Are you in? Please PLEASE share this post with all your fellow SLPs, because the more input we get, the more ideas we will have collaborated. I’ll do the work of gathering and writing it up and we all benefit :)

So here are the first two survey’s…look you don’t even have to click a link! 😉


Thanks so much for everyone’s responses! I’ll keep them open for a week or two :)

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  1. Paula Townsend says:

    Love this idea!! There’s always that one kid that your tried and true methods do not work for! Would love to have additional ideas in my “speech toolbox.” But, I can’t find the surveys that you mention. Is it just me or my browser?

  2. I am so excited you are doing this!!! I can’t wait to read more :)
    Jenn Alcorn recently posted..Deep in Speech Space…My Profile

  3. This is a great idea! I cannot wait to learn more!
    Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl recently posted..Two Speechie’s Tangled on a Tuesday: Let’s Talk and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor GirlMy Profile

  4. Kristie Shoemake says:

    Wondering how I can view them and hoping mine went through. Took forever to type with hunt and peck method on my tablet!!:

  5. Kristie Shoemake says:

    Uh oh!! Lots of typos. Can u fix them?

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