Tips on Eliciting Sounds Surveys for /p, b, t, d/

Welcome to the actual second to the last survey on Tips for Eliciting Speech sounds for speech pathologists. Ha. Last week I said THAT was the second to the last one…I lied ;) This survey is REALLY the second to the last one, the last one will be coming either this Friday or early next week!

Tips for eliciting sounds survey p b t d

Here is the survey for tips for eliciting the speech sounds/p/ & /b/

Here is the survey for tips for eliciting the speech sounds /t/ & /d/

And if you haven’t had the chance, be sure to fill out the other surveys! Click the links below to take you to the surveys:

Tips for Eliciting the speech sounds /r/ /k/ & /g/

Tips for Eliciting the speech sounds /s/ & /z/ (lateral included)

Tips for Eliciting the speech sounds /l/ “th” /y/ & /h/

Tips for Eliciting the speech sounds “sh” “zh” “ch” and “dz”

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