Tips on Eliciting Sounds Surveys for “sh” “zh” “ch” & “dz”

Ok, here is the second to the last Tips on Eliciting Speech Sounds Survey! Today we have a survey for the “sh” “zh” “ch” and “dz” sounds. For more information on these surveys, please read THIS POST. And be sure to take the time to fill out the other surveys as well…links are at the bottom of this post!

tips for eliciting sounds survey sh zh ch dz

Here it is! The Tips for Eliciting the speech sounds “sh” “zh” “ch” and “dz”

If you haven’t yet, please also leave your tips for eliciting other sounds below!

Tips for eliciting the speech sounds /r/ /k/ & /g/

Tips for eliciting the speech sounds /s/ & /z/ (lateral included)

Tips for eliciting the speech sounds /l/ “th” /y/ & /h/


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