Why am I so Tired?? Oh yeah….

Why am I always so tired??


I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I’ve slowed down on the blog big time in the last several weeks. You all know that 2013 has been a CRAZY busy year for us with selling and buying homes, packing, moving, and now the daunting task of UNPACKING all this stuff. I decided to take things slow so that I can really organize and purge when I unpack so our new home can have a place for everything and everything will have a place.

And don’t forget…ALL MY THERAPY MATERIALS had to be moved too. Because I am currently working for myself, all that stuff had to get packed, moved, unpacked and organized too.

And I have a lot of stuff. 

So that all is so tiring.

Then of course I have two little ones at home that, I SWEAR, have suddenly needed my undivided attention like, all the time, since we moved. (Did I mention my son stopped napping back in November before he even turned TWO? I am pretty sure that should not be allowed). So needless to say, my time for blogging has been limited lately. Sigh. I have 1000 ideas for posts but my time has been lacking.

BUT….there is one more reason why I have been so very tired. A wonderful WONDERFUL reason. You see, this summer we are expecting our third child!!!

Introducing little brother, due in August!

baby yeh #3 face 1 INTERNET

Yes, this little SURPRISE baby has been baking during all the chaos of moving. This pregnancy has made me VERY tired, more so than my other pregnancies by a LOT. Add all the packing and moving and so on….and….you get the picture!

We are very excited for this little guy and can’t wait to meet him in a few months! My daughter was REALLY hoping for a baby sister. In fact, she did not take the news well at first that it is a boy but she soon recovered and simply said “That’s ok, you’ll have another baby after this one and THAT one will be a girl!”

Oh my sweet child. Any hope she will just FORGET her strong desire for a sister??

Anyway…hoping to get some real work done tomorrow and get some new posts out for you all! Any requests? I’ll be working on new posts for my “Why Does My Child…..and Is it Normal?” Series as well as starting up the Eliciting Sounds Series! YAY!

Happy Wednesday!



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  1. Brandi says

    What AWESOME news!!!! I feel you pain… I am also pregnant with #3 (We have not announced yet or I would have put this comment on FB :) ) . It has totally wiped me out too! And I am growing – very fast 😉

    So happy for you. What wonderful news!

  2. Julie says

    How wonderful!! Congratulations, little mama! :) Another little bundle to speech up when he comes. Happy for you!

  3. Maria says

    Many congrats! When my 3 year old niece found out she was getting a baby brother (instead of a fellow princess), she cried. :) Now she loves him (and the fact that she doesn’t have to share her dolls and dresses).

  4. says

    Congratulations! Gosh I was so tired throughout my pregnancies, but I can’t imagine moving and keeping up a blog with kids AND being pregnant. Well done you, and put your feet up!