Story Telling Map {FREEBIE}

Simple Story Telling Map Freebie

It has been AGES since I did a freebie on here, since I have been devoting my time to writing more informational posts. However, I recently had the chance to review the games Tell Tale and Tell Tale Fairy Tales (look our MONDAY for the post all about this cool game) and I found myself wishing I had a VERY simple visual  organization system to help my clients/children tell stories in a more organized fashion. So I whipped up this simple three page visual that you can use if you like! Thanks to Scrappin Doodles for the clipart.

How To Use This Simple Story Telling Map

Directions: Print out one copy of each page and laminate for durability. Use this simple story map by itself or with picture cards.

By Itself: You can laminate and have students use the story map to brainstorm their story (using a dry erase marker) and then use the information to write a story out on paper OR tell the story out loud verbally.

With Picture Cards: You can hand out picture cards to students and have them place their cards in the appropriate areas on the story telling map as they tell a story. For specific articulation practice, you can give your students picture cards specific to their target sounds and have them develop the story around those words. You can use the game cards in Tell Tale and/or Tell Tale Fairy Tales in the same way.

That’s it! SIMPLE! Here is what it looks like:

story telling map 1

story telling map 2

story telling map 3

You can pick up your copy for free HERE! And be sure to check in MONDAY for the review on Tell Tale Story Tales, which would be GREAT to use with this freebie!

Happy weekend!

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