Speech on the Road: For Preverbal and Minimally Verbal Children

On Monday, Jenn from Crazy Speech World shared some AWESOME ideas on how to work on speech and language skills in the car. Her ideas are fantastic for kiddos who are already verbal and need to practice speech and language skills. But what about children who are preverbal or just beginning to talk?

Today, I am honored to be over at an amazing blog, Love That Max, sharing a few games you can play with your child who is preverbal or just beginning to use words. There are also some ideas for children who are putting words together as well.

9 games picture three

I personally have used many of the activities with my late talking two year old as well as my typical 4.5 year old. Many of the games can be modified to work with toddlers up to middle schoolers, depending on your child’s ability level.

So, head over to Love That Max and take a look, and tell me what you think!

If you are not familiar with Love That Max, it is a blog written by Ellen, the mother of Max who has special needs. I have been following Love That Max for a while now, and Ellen is an inspiring voice for children with special needs. If nothing else, I encourage you to check out her blog and be inspired!

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