Please Excuse the Mess as we Redecorate

Happy Tuesday!

You’ve probably noticed it has been pretty quiet around here. Baby Emory is almost a MONTH old (can you believe it!?) and we have been just spending time getting to know him and adjusting to life as a family of 5. So as you can imagine, blogging has not exactly been a priority 😉

I mean, would you be able to blog when this sweet face is begging for your attention?

However…what I HAVE been up to the last few months is planning and preparing for a big blog makeover, which as you probably noticed if you have visited the last couple days, is IN PROGRESS!

I am SUPER excited about our new look. There are some kinks to work out and some finishing touches to wrap up and once those are done I will post a little “tour” for you all!

Until then, please excuse any mess you may see…the site may go down here and there, links may not quite work…I’ll be working on things this week when my sweet baby is napping :)


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