How Has Disability Enabled YOU? Amazing Video on Down Syndrome

I follow several special needs blogs including Love That Max, Happy Being Trevy, Schuyler’s MonsterEnjoying the Small Things and several of my fellow Juvenile Arthritis peeps blogs including Parker’s Purple Playas. I am always amazed how families who struggle with various disabilities actually become ENABLED in other ways by the very thing that is disabling them.

I just saw this video for the first time on Saturday morning thanks to a friend who shared it on Facebook. I admit: I cried almost the whole way through. Such a great story of how a disability can really ENABLE a person and a family to do so much more than they knew.

Take a few minutes and watch it. What do you think?

How has a disability ENABLED YOU or your family?


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  1. Sara says

    You need to read Far From the Tree. It is really long and looks very intimidating but each chapter stands on its own so the book can be tackled in chunks. Look up the TedTalk “Love, No Matter What” to get an idea of the content.

  2. Phaedra Dowling says

    I can’t imagine not wanting my son. Thank you for making the right decision! She’s a beautiful little girl and soul.

    We are the lucky ones!!!!