Food for Thought Friday (And my Favorite Sites for Kid’s Crafts too!)

As we wind down further this week, I wanted to leave you with some feel good moments, food for thought, tips for Christmas morning (for those that celebrate) and some of my favorites sites! Happy Friday!


They Said YES?

If you did not see this yet, you MUST. A young man with Down syndrome get’s a very special letter in the mail. Made me tear up!

You can

Who’s the Boss?

Teacher Tom shares a conversation that happened in his preschool regarding baby dolls, boys wearing dresses and talking about who is the boss. I loved it, because for years and years I have told the children I have worked with “You are the boss of you” which has often caused a perplexing look and a great conversation about responsibility for one’s actions. He talks more about this in his post “We Probably Learned it From You.” Good reads!

Relax and Enjoy Your Family During Break

Amanda from Not Just Cute shares 147 Things You Don’t Need to Do During the Holidays. I couldn’t agree more! If you are feeling like you are not up to par with those “pinterest mom’s” out there, this is the post for you!

How to Photograph Christmas Morning

Ok, this is not related at ALL to speech/language but it IS related to family and making memories, which is so important. So often, in pictures of important events there is someone missing from the pictures….and often that person is mom. She is busy clicking away to preserve memories, but in the process she is left out. Your children deserve to see mom (or dad if he is the photographer) in those pictures! One of my favorite photography sites Clickin Moms shares a fantastic way to photograph your Christmas morning so that everyone is in the shots! I may try this out!

Great Sites for Kid’s Crafts and Activities for your Winter Break

Looking for some fun, simple kid’s activities and crafts to do with your children over break? Here are my most favorite places!

Enjoy your weekend and slow down and ENJOY your family! I know I will!

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