Arthritis Walk

In 2011, just a few weeks after Esella was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis, I stumbled across the Arthritis Foundation’s website and read about their annual Arthritis Walks that are held all over the country. When I saw that we had a local walk in the next city over, I thought we should participate in E’s honor. So we formed Team Esella. Our goal was $1000.

11 weeks later, we ended up raising an astounding $17,000+! The response we got from our family, friends, and neighbors was nothing short of amazing. We plan on participating in the walk every year to help raise funds for Arthritis research, education, and community programs.

As I write this, we are currently fundraising for the 2012 Arthritis Walk. If you have found this blog helpful, perhaps you would make a small donation in my daughter’s name as a thank you. You can do so by going HERE.

Please, take just a few minutes of your time and watch this video that I made to help educate about why we walk every year:

And if you would like to learn more about JA, please take another few minutes and watch this video I make in 2011 that has over views so far.

Thanks for reading!!