Owl Finger Puppet Tutorial (and Fingerplay!)


The last couple months, my daughter E and I have been learning a a lot of new songs and fingerplays. Songs and fingerplays are an AWESOME and FUN way to help your child learn new language. They also are setting your child up to be better readers as songs and fingerplays, especially the ones that have rhyme, encourage the development of preliteracy skills including phonological awareness skills. When I was collecting songs for my post 10 Fall and Thanksgiving Fingerplays, {Read More}

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Cute Song to Help Teach Body Parts


I found this simple and cute song recently in a book, The Encyclopedia of Infant and Toddler Activities, that parents can sing to their infants and toddlers, (and SLPs can sing to their students), to help teach body parts. The song is called Baby’s Little Nose and was contributed by Karyn Everham. I sang it to both kids today, and they LOVED it The original lyrics are as follows: Tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb (Child’s name) had a little {Read More}

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Five Little Pumpkins Activities

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In my last post, I talked about 10 Fun Fall and Halloween Songs and Fingerplays that you can do with your child/client/students. I mentioned at the end of my post that the fingerplay Five Little Pumpkins has an array of activities that can go along with it, and I would just love to share some with you! But first, here are the lyrics for this fingerplay again: Five Little Pumpkins (Fingerplay, no tune) Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate, {Read More}

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