The ABC’s of Early Speech & Language Development: U to Z {Part 5 of 5}

U is for Utterance Length: How Much should they be talking? You may be thinking “utterance???” Well in the speech world we often look at a child’s Mean Length of Utterance (MLU) which simply means how many words are they putting together on average. I get comments and questions in this a LOT. I will hear parents be concerned because their 18 month old is speaking in one word utterances only but their older child was speaking in 2-4 word {Read More}

The ABC’s of Early Speech & Language Development: P to T {Part 4 of 5}

P is for Pointing If you read part TWO of this series about Joint Attention, you may already have an idea of why pointing is so important. But if not, let me tell you a little about pointing and why this skill is so critical for speech and language development and why you will see “Is your pointing?” on your well check questionnaires. Children generally begin pointing to items of interest between 9-15 months. When your child points to something..what {Read More}

The ABC’s of Early Speech & Language Development: K to O {Part 3 of 5}

K is for following your Kid’s Lead Ok I know I had to stretch the “K” for this one a little Normally I would say to follow your child’s lead but let me tell you, this ABC series was challenging! So what is it that I mean by follow your kid’s lead? If you have a child who is struggling in the area of speech and language, especially for toddlers and preschoolers, it is best to get down on the floor {Read More}

The ABC’s of Early Speech & Language Development: F to J {Part 2 of 5}

The ABCs of Early Speech & Lang Dev part five

F is for the First Word Whether it is your first child or your 4th, hearing his/her first word is such an exciting milestone! It is a word that many parents remember vividly and share with others. My first word was “shoe,” my daughter’s was “no” and my son’s was “bye bye.” Your child should say his/her first word between 8-16 months with the average being around the first birthday. As far as what he/she will say? Other than mama {Read More}

The ABC’s of Early Speech & Language Development: A-E {Part 1 of 5}

The ABCs Part 1

Welcome to the first installment of the five day series The ABC’s of Early Speech & Language Development: A series brought to you from the Kid Blogging Network (KBN)! Today I will be covering topics that begin with letters A to E. Check back every day this week for a new installment in this series.  A is for Articulation & Phonology You may have NO idea what these terms mean, or maybe you have been told that your child has {Read More}

Introducing a New Series: The ABC’s of Early Speech & Language Development

I am super excited to share with you all that I participating in a week long series called “The ABC’s of……” with around 70 other bloggers. Each blogger is picking a topic and arranging a 5 part series (or one post) on their topic, which will be organized in alphabetical order. I, of course, chose The ABC’s of Early Speech & Language Development! The series will be running from January 7th-11th, so make sure to stay tuned! Until then….I’ll be {Read More}