Why Does My Child Leave out Syllables of Some Words? {And is This Normal?}

Why does my child leave out syllables in some words

Mama! I want da ‘puter! Mmmmm yummy ‘getti! The e-fant is eating peanuts! Sound familiar? Have you noticed that your toddler will sometimes leave out syllables in some of his words? What is a Phonological Process? If you’ve been following along for a while, you may have read some of my posts on phonological processes, delays, and treatment. What is a phonological process? Here is a quote from my post on Phonological Processes and Phonological Delays: They are the typical patterns of {Read More}

Why Does My Child Sound Like He is From Boston- Even Though We Aren’t? {And is it Normal?}

Why Does mY child sound like he is from boston

I see a wed cah mommy! The wabbit is eating a cawwit. My name in Wyan. I wike to wide my bike down the woad. What? I can’t he-ah you! You ah too fah away. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Does your young child sound like he could have been raised in Boston, even though you live in California? The Development of Articulation Skills Your child is not born being able to say all the sounds in his {Read More}

Why Does My Child Put The End Sounds of Words at the Beginning? {And is it Normal?}

Why Does My Child Put the End Sounds

Welcome to a new installment of my “Why Does My Child____ {And is it Normal?}” series. You can read more about this series HERE.  I have gotten this question many times before. I must admit…the first few times I got this question it threw me. I had to think hard of what the person was really referring to. Interestingly enough, my own son is an expert at this. So what is it? Is it normal? What is a Phonological Process? If {Read More}

Why Does My Child Say “WaWa” & “BaBa”? {And is it Normal?}

Why Does My Child Say Wawa & Baba & Is It Normal

Welcome to the first post in my new long term series “Why Does My Child___? {And is it normal?}” For more information about this series and how you can help contribute, read the intro post HERE.  I remember a couple years ago a friend of mine was talking about how she wondered why her son said “wa wa” for the word water when she herself only referred to water as, well, water. I didn’t go into the why then, but {Read More}