Freebie Friday! Chinese Zodiac Clothespin Activity

Chinese Zodiac Wheel One

This week, we have been reading three books focusing on Chinese New Year and Chinese Culture. Why? Because Monday is CHINESE NEW YEAR! And, in case you didn’t know, my husband is {half} Chinese, and I really would like our children to grow up knowing about their different heritages. (In case you were wondering, I am mostly Irish- my mom is 100% and my Husband also has some Irish heritage). So we have been reading the follow books this week: {Read More}

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Freebie Friday: Chinese (Lunar) New Year Memory Game

Chinese Memory Example1

Life has been BUSY this week, so just a quick freebie today for Freebie Friday! To help celebrate Chinese New Year, I’ve made some Chinese Zodiac Memory game cards. In fact, I made two different sets. You can combine the two sets for one giant memory or card game, or just use one set for a more simple game (Images thanks to Office Images). I designed the first set specifically for younger children, but you could easily use both sets {Read More}

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