Sign Language: How to Pick the Signs to Teach Your Children

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As you all know, I am working on teaching sign language to both my one year old Ev and my three year old. Recently I posted about how we are learning sign language. However I everyday I say out loud about a thousand times “Oh, I should look up that sign!” but then, of course I could never remember what the signs were later that night to go look them up. So, I came up with a real simple solution. {Read More}

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How We are Learning Sign Language


I hope you all had a chance to read the guest post recently by fellow Speech Pathologist Kristy from Hear My Hands. She shared some great info with us about the benefits of using sign language with (hearing) infants and toddlers. She will be joining us with another guest post soon, to give us all some tips on signing! As I have mentioned before, I am a huge advocate of signing to infants and toddlers and wrote a research paper on {Read More}

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Why Sign Language Can Work for You and Your Infant & Toddler

Little one signing "mom"

Today is an exciting day! Not only do we have our FIRST guest blogger post here at PWW365, but I am also a guest poster over at Cashey Mama’s Classroom today! So after you finish reading this awesome guest post by my friend Kristy, head over to Cashey Mama’s Classroom to read my guest post over there: Wishlist Wednesday! *************************************************************************************************** Today I am so excited to bring you this guest post from Kristy Davies, MS CCC-SLP. Kristy is a fellow {Read More}

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.