Freebie Friday: Conversation Heart Math Game

Convo Heart 1

It has been a busy week here! I was able to squeeze in a little Valentine’s Freebie though! I made this Conversation Heart Math Game. Ok, ok….you are probably thinking “Um…aren’t you a SPEECH therapist? Why are you making a MATH game?” Well I have used a couple different variations of games in my therapy sessions that require math skills and I wanted to make my own version. Most of the games that I have played involved addition only, and {Read More}

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Freebie Friday: Where is Cupid? A Prepositional Game

Cupid Prep1

I know, I know….you came here today for a FREEBIE! So, here you go!   This week my freebie is a Valentines Themed Game called Where is Cupid. This card game targets prepositions by showing Cupid in different positions around other objects. Here is what the cards look like: You can use these cards in MANY ways! Using two sets have your child/student match picture to picture Using one set have your child/student label each preposition Using one set have {Read More}

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.