Freebie Friday: Chinese (Lunar) New Year Memory Game

Life has been BUSY this week, so just a quick freebie today for Freebie Friday! To help celebrate Chinese New Year, I’ve made some Chinese Zodiac Memory game cards. In fact, I made two different sets. You can combine the two sets for one giant memory or card game, or just use one set for a more simple game (Images thanks to Office Images).

I designed the first set specifically for younger children, but you could easily use both sets for preschool through early elementary. Similar to my Penguin Memory cards, there are many different things you can do with these:

  • Memory: Placing all cards face down on a table and taking turns trying to find matches
  • “Go Fish” If using both sets of cards, have your child use descriptive words to differentiate between the different pictures.
  • “I Spy” Put out all the cards in front of you and play I Spy… “I spy an orange animal with stripes” and the first person to grab it keeps it.
  • Go Fishing:Place a paperclip on each card. Place the cards in a box and have the children use a fishing pole with a magnet on the end of the string (these can be bought at dollar stores or toy stores, or you can make one from dowel, string, and a magnet) to “fish” out cards. Have the children try to “fish” for the matching cards!
  • Flashlight Hide and Seek: Hide the cards all over a room/house and have your child/children go “seek” for the cards…it’s more fun if you can make it a little dark and use flashlights! See who can find the most matching cards.
  • Charades: Put the cards in a pile. Have the children pick a card and act out what the penguin is doing on the card. Some of these might be hard…so you could have the second set of cards displayed to help the guessers out.
  • Pictionary: Put the cards in a pile. Have the children pick a card and draw the animal they picked.
  • Twenty Questions: To help work on question asking, you can play a game of twenty questions. Separate the cards into two decks. Lay out one deck on a table, face up so you can see all the animals. Then have the other deck in a pile. Have a child/student pick a penguin from the pile, and have the other child/children ask questions to try to determine which penguin the child is holding. The “askers” can use the animal pictures on the table to help guide their questions, and if they are sure the person does not have a particular animal, they can flip the card over (like in the Guess Who game).

I hope you enjoy this freebie! You can download these cards HERE and HERE. (Images thanks to Office Images) If you use these please let me know, I LOVE to hear feedback…especially other ideas on how to use things!


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  1. Kate says

    Your freebies are absolutely amazing ! I have already used your Xmas clothespin with Rudolph pins and it was great. We will definetely celebrate New Year once more with these cards ! Thank you :-)

  2. Anna says

    Just happened upon your site when Google’ing for printable memory card games for my 2.5 year-old. Thanks for offering this free game and for some great additional ideas beyond just memory cards. I look forward to perusing the rest of your site to see what I can find!