Winter Games to Help Build Speech & Language Skills

10 wintery games

Although “winter” has not really hit us here in California yet (WE NEED RAIN!!) I read about my friends on the east coast buckling down for winter storms and snow days. (I may be a little jealous!) Winter generally means more time inside and, if you live in some areas, it means school closures. Sometimes, finding things to do during snow days for your children with special needs can be a bit challenging. Last month, I shared 10 “Wintery” Games {Read More}

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Ultimate Gift Guide Round-Up for Speech, Language, Social and Sensory Development! {& Gift Ideas for the SLPs in Your Life Too!}

ultimate gift guide

With the holidays here, the last couple weeks I have shared three posts for you with my gift ideas to help with speech & language skills. However some of my fellow SLP friends (And one of my Occupational therapy friends!) have ALSO shared their gift ideas for speech, language, social and sensory development! I wanted to provide you all with ALL these AMAZING gift guides in ONE PLACE for your shopping convenience…so here they are! In addition…since so many of {Read More}

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15+ Great Games for Speech, Language & Social Skills Development {ages 3-6}

games image final

Welcome to my last “gift guide” for this holiday season! You can check out my 25+ Gift Ideas to Expand Speech Skills post and Stocking Stuffer Ideas to Expand Speech Skills post for more ideas. When I was finished with my 25+ Gift Ideas post, I realized I had not included GAMES! I use a lot of games in my therapy, as do many pediatric speech pathologists. I often adapt traditional board games to fit the needs of my client’s/student’s {Read More}

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Honk Honk! Speech Practice for the Car!

Crazy Speech World Car Practice

As many of you know, my family and I are expecting baby number three in just a few short weeks. As I take some time off from work and blogging to spend time with my family both before and after my new son’s birth, I am thrilled to share with you some amazing posts written by some very talented bloggers. So please sit back, relax and enjoy this guest post and leave a comment letting us know what you think! {Read More}

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Chickyboom (TM) Game Review


I am constantly looking for new games to play with my clients (and my own children as well). I recently shared with you a new game I love called Tell Tale which is fantastic for story telling and can be used to work on all types of speech and language goals. So I was pretty excited to recently become involved with the company who developed that awesome game, Blue Orange Games. They were kind enough to send me a couple {Read More}

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Story Telling Game: Tell Tale

Tell tale game

I recently got my hands on a new game and I HAD to write a post about it. I had seen some reviews on this game and thought it would be AWESOME for use in therapy (and also tons of fun for my own family). And I was right! The Game The game is Tell Tale Card Game: Take a Journey Into Storyland by Blue Orange Games. Simply put, it is a small canister filled with 60 round cards with {Read More}

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15 + St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Speech & Language! {and Some Just for FUN!}


Well..this is crunch week people. We move onto our new home this coming weekend and I need to pack this house up! That means…my posts may be a little light the next couple weeks. In the mean time….I know St. Patrick’s day is JUST around the corner! So I have gathered up over 15 St. Patrick’s Day Activities for speech and language for you all and have them HERE! And if that isn’t enough, I’ve also linked up some further {Read More}

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Fire Truck Prepositions {Freebie}

fire pup pic 1

Looking for a free and fun prepositions activities? You’ve found it! Jenn brings us a GREAT post today. Enjoy! ~Katie *********************************************** Ever had one of those moments that you remember so clearly, mostly because it reminded you of all the work you still had to do?  Here is one of the last ones I remember from right before school got out in June… SLP:  “Where is your nose?” Student:  “In my face.” SLP:  “IN your face?” Student:  “Yes!” SLP:  [bangs face {Read More}

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50 Ways to Keep Your Toddler or Preschooler Busy on a Plane {or Elsewhere}


Aloha! This morning, as you read this post, I will be boarding a plane with my family to spend two weeks in paradise! Hawaii here we come! Last time we went to Hawaii, I had a 19 month old and was pregnant with my son. We also had my 14 month old nephew as a fellow traveler. This year, we will have my two kids, 3.5 and 1.5 and my two nephews, 3 and 13 months. Four kids 3.5 and {Read More}

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M&M Bingo {Therapy Thursday}

Apple Bingo from Speaking of Speech

When I am working in the schools with small groups, one of the things I love to do is have a FUN and motivating activity every month to kind of celebrate all the work the kids have been doing and to reward them for that work. The most popular activity I do to celebrate my students is M&M Bingo. How to Play M&M Bingo Oh man….this is a tough one 😉 Simple explanation: You play bingo but rather than use {Read More}

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Buckaroo-Great for Reinforcement, Language, and Articulation


I’ve written many posts about the different toys and games that I recommend for both parents and SLPs to use to work on speech and language skills both in therapy sessions and in the home. One of the games that I have gotten a TON of use out over the years is Buckaroo. That is, until he stopped working! That was a sad, sad day my friends. Especially for my little friends who loved playing. So you can imagine my {Read More}

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Freebie Friday: Princess Barrier Game!

Grass Scene

Well…its been several weeks since I brought you all a freebie Friday post! So here is one for you! A simple yet fun Princess Barrier Game for the princess(es) in your life! (Princess images purchased from Scrappin Doodles, background image purchased from ClipArtOf) What is a barrier game? A barrier game requires two or more players sitting around a table with some kind of barrier(s) so that players cannot see each other’s materials (books, file folders, or binders can work as {Read More}

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