Freebie Friday: Princess Barrier Game!

Well…its been several weeks since I brought you all a freebie Friday post! So here is one for you! A simple yet fun Princess Barrier Game for the princess(es) in your life! (Princess images purchased from Scrappin Doodles, background image purchased from ClipArtOf)

What is a barrier game? A barrier game requires two or more players sitting around a table with some kind of barrier(s) so that players cannot see each other’s materials (books, file folders, or binders can work as barriers). Every player has the same set of materials in front of them. The players take turns giving the other players very specific directions (per ability level) on how to arrange the materials in front of them, without any visual cues. The goal of the game is to have all the players’ materials look the same at the end of the activity.

Princess Barrier Game Directions- for two or more players.

  1. Print out copies for all children in the group.
  2. For durability, print on cardstock, cut out the individual characters, and laminate the scene and characters.
  3. Each child needs his/her own scene picture and set of characters and trees.
  4. Have children all sit at a table or on the floor, with barriers up so that children cannot see one another’s materials.
  5. Have children take turns giving the other group members directions on where to place the different objects. The goal is to use very specific directions so that everyone’s pictures will end up looking identical at the end of the game.
  6. To increase difficulty, rather than have the child name the item, have the child describe the item. For example “Put the large red plant next to the fence.”
  7. Are there specific concepts you want your students to use? Write the concepts on 3×5 cards and place in a pile and have the children pick a card on each turn and use that concept within their direction.

Grab your own copy for FREE HERE!


(clip art from Scrappin Doodles)

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  1. Jessica says:

    Where did you get the clipart that you used for this activity? I’ve seen it on lots of activities that are posted online, but have been unable to find the actual clip art. Thanks!

    • Jessica its from Scrappin Doodles. :) They have great clip art and they have different licenses you can buy to use the clip art in different ways publicly as well!

  2. Nice, I will give this a go. Board games are a little bit of a lost art I think, really they are better than games consoles for getting the family together and getting everyone interacting.
    Lauren recently posted..Your house is your homeMy Profile

  3. Thanks for this fantastic resource Katie! I used it with a 5 year old stutterer and we had the best therapy session ever…neither of us wanted it to end! She took it home with her mum for practice and as a reward

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