Tips For Eliciting Sounds: Surveys for /s/ & /z/ (Lateral, Frontal & General Tips)

Welcome back fellow SLPs! I am soooooo excited about this new series I am doing on Tips for Eliciting Sounds! If you didn’t catch last week’s post, you can read it HERE (and you can also fill out the surveys for /r/ & /k,g/ there!)

s & z survey

For today, I have set up two surveys: One for the lateral productions of /s/ and /z/ and one for general tips for the /s/ and /z/, including specific tips when you have a frontal/interdental production going on. Please take a few minutes to leave your tips in the surveys below!



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  1. Angie says

    “Straight Speech” is a great book to use! Uses the “t” to “s” approach too. Used it a few times and have seen great results!

  2. NanRing says

    Use /Iju/ as in “tissue” to reduce lateralization for (sh). It creates the tension and lifting of the sides of the tongue! I’ve had good luck with this approach.

  3. Lola says

    Very excited to read what people have submitted – I’m in speech clinic now and love the magic mirror approach for /s/ and /z/. Have the client make his tongue “disappear” during production to help him eliminate producing the /th/ sound. :)