Involving Parents in Therapy {Guest Post at Speech Room News}

Happy Saturday! I am really excited to be over at Speech Room News today, sharing some thoughts on involving parents in therapy. If you couldn’t tell from my blog posts, I am really passionate about educating and involving parents in the treatment of their children’s speech and language delays. I know, however, how difficult this can be when we are working in the schools (which us where so many SLPs work). I also know that sometimes we come across parents that don’t seem to care about their child’s interventions. But is this really the case? I talk about this and more over on my February Feature: Parent Involvement post at Speech Room News.

The Importance of Involving Parents in Treatment and How

So head on over THERE now, and take a look, and tell me your thoughts: How do YOU involve parents in their child’s interventions?

Have a fantastic weekend! I’ll be here packing…we move into our new home in a couple weeks!


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  1. Kenya says

    As a parent of a child that has speech impediments I am very involved. I do however understand how it could be difficult for many parents to not be as involved in their child’s speech therapy. For me, my sons therapist is at his school so I have set aside a time with the therapist where I will come into the school and meet with them once a week. I love being able to do that. It is very doable.