How to Get the MOST Out of Your Child’s Speech Therapy

A couple weeks ago, I was over at the Friendship Circle Blog sharing my 6 tips to getting the MOST out of your child’s speech therapy. Let’s be honest: an hour a week of speech therapy alone is not nearly as effective unless you as the parent are also following through at home. But HOW can you do this? how can you get the most out of your child’s therapy? Head over to the Friendship Circle Blog to check out my 6 {Read More}

Involving Parents in Therapy {Guest Post at Speech Room News}

Happy Saturday! I am really excited to be over at Speech Room News today, sharing some thoughts on involving parents in therapy. If you couldn’t tell from my blog posts, I am really passionate about educating and involving parents in the treatment of their children’s speech and language delays. I know, however, how difficult this can be when we are working in the schools (which us where so many SLPs work). I also know that sometimes we come across parents {Read More}