How To Elicit (Teach) the K & G Sounds {Part Two: Materials and Products for K & G}

Yesterday I shared with you a TON of tips on how to elicit the K & G sounds. Today, I am sharing with you materials and products you can use to treat the K & G sounds in therapy! From books/programs to children’s books to TpT products to apps, there are a lot of fun ways to target these sounds! (This post contains Amazon Affiliate links.) Materials and Products for K G

Visual Aides

mini play doh As I went over yesterday I use the  Jumbo Mighty Mouth Hand Puppet from SuperDuperInc and I also have used play doh to make a tongue and mold it into the shape it needs to be in for a given sound (you see this on my Tips to Teach the /r/ Post) I like to use the Mini Play-Doh jars, and then give each child their own so they can make their own tongues.

Proprioceptive Elicitation Tools

Yesterday I went over these items. Here are the links for these items again for your convenience.

  • Dum Dum Pops  or Tootsie Pop Mini  can be used to touch/rub areas of the mouth to teach placement and awareness and can be used to hold the tongue tip down in the front to prevent the /t/ and /d/ that are typically substituted for the /k/ and /g/.
  • Flavored Tongue Depressors can also be used in the same way as DumDums (but I find kids prefer the candy! Way more motivating!)

Books and Programs

  • Webber® Jumbo Artic Drill Book on CD-ROM from Super Duper Inc. I have this CD-ROM and use it all the time! Definitely one of the top products I recommend to new SLPs to get you started.
  • Easy Does It for Articulation: A Phonological Approach from LinguiSystems. If the child you are working with is fronting his/her velars and is phonological, this is a great program/set of books.
  • Say & Glue® Phonology & Artic Fun Sheets from SuperDuper. I like to use these for homework when I am in the schools. I print out enough for my preschoolers based on my monthly themes (like Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Winter, Valentines Day, etc) and then I write their target words on the sheets and have the children practice at home.

Children’s Books

Here are some books that can be used in therapy or at home to target the /k/ sound. Books that Target the K & G sounds

And here are some for the /g/ sound:

Looking for more book ideas to target speech sounds? Check out Jessica’s book lists at Constantly Speaking.


Word cards are great to have around. You can grab them and easily incorporate them into a regular kids board game or use them for a game of go fish. I personally have sets for most sounds


You can use commercially available games to work on targeting the /k/ and /g/ as well. I usually pair some kind of articulation cards with the game as well as having them work on the /k,g/ sounds within the context of the game’s vocabulary. Here are some examples:


  • Articulate It by Smarty Ears This is a general Articulation App that retails for $38.99 and is available on the iPhone, iTouch and iPad.
  • Articulation Station Pro This is another WELL recommended general articulation app that retails for $49.99 and is available on the iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

TpT Products

Here are some AWESOME TpT products you can download, print and use today for little to no cost! Some of these I own and have used, others are on my wish list and others have been recommended to me or just looked cool! FREE (Yes FREE!!!) Products TPT for K G

Products for $6.00 and under

So tell me now…what are YOUR favorite resources and products for the K & G sounds? Let me know so I can include them in the post! 

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