My Morning {Why Writing a Blog Post Takes Me 3 Days…or More}

This is how my morning went down.

Downstairs eating breakfast. All goes well.

Baby plays on floor. Children play. Sit down to work on blog post.

Baby screaming. Put baby in baby swing. Kids play with baby. Baby is happy.

Emory Santa Hat

See how happy we were this morning? 

Baby falls asleep. SCORE. Continue working on blog post.

Children want to paint. Set up paint. All goes well for 68 seconds.

Kids painting

This was 22 seconds before all hell broke loose. See those little paint jars? They soon will float in water. Actually, you can see the first victim being dropped on the picture.  

Son puts little paint jars in water. Sigh. Clean out water jars, give children new paint.

Sit down to work on blog post.

All is well for 14 seconds.

Children painting their hands instead of their paper.

Paint all over table.

Water spilling all over the table.

Must clean up water. And paint. And children.

Change their clothes.

Sit down to work on blog post.

Daughter asking to watch TV. No. No TV daughter. Go play with your toys.

Children fighting over an oven mitt. Must take away said mitt.

Sit down to work on blog post.

Baby wakes up. Pick up baby.

Son pooping. Diaper change.

Baby screaming. Try to feed said baby. Baby refuses. Feels the need to scream instead.

Try putting baby in swing again. Baby screams.

Attempt to feed baby again. Baby does so while screaming intermittently.

Baby content. Lays on floor to play.

Sit down to work on blog post.

Son comes in wearing shirt only. “Diaper yucky mama!”

Smell poop. Baby has poop explosion.

Upstairs to deal with said explosion and dress son from the waist down.

Come downstairs. Baby screaming. Again. Swaddle him. Screams louder.

Losing mind.

Daughter asks “Can we watch a show?” NO. NO TV DAUGHTER. GO PLAY.

Baby still screaming. Attempt to feed. Baby refuses.

Turns on sound machine, lay baby on couch. Baby passes out.

Thank god.

Children go out back to play.

Sits down to work on blog post.

All is well for 7 minutes.

“We’re HUNGRY!” Say children. Crap. Must feed them lunch.

Children argue over who gets what cups and plates.

More water spills.

Seriously? Where the hell did that water come from?

Tell daughter to clean up spill.

Make them lunch.

Start cooking my lunch.


Screaming bloody murder.

Try to feed baby. Refuses.

Change diaper. Still screams.

Swaddles again, turns on noise machine. Still screams.

“Mommy, I need your help with this puzzle!”

Children fight over puzzle.

Baby still screaming.

Eat sausage and eggs COLD while baby screams. (Yuck)

Baby poops. Stops crying.

Change diaper.

Sit down to work on blog post. Write this one instead as baby eats and children do puzzle.

It’s only 1:15.

And THAT is why writing a blog post takes me 3 days (or more)…and why my house is currently a mess.

And why sometimes (ok all the time) I have typos in my posts. Forgive me people. It happens. I am aware of when to use apostrophes. I swear. 😉

Wish me luck..I’m going to attempt to get on my treadmill. How was your morning???


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  1. Kristen Miller says

    This is great !! Can totally see and feel your day as it unwinds. This is why my blog is still in the planning stages : – )

  2. says

    You sound like a great mom! Been there done that with three of my own. It doesn’t last forever..enjoy it. I know.. It’s hard sometimes,but all worth it. Happy thanksgiving:)

  3. Erin says

    Love this!!! (sorry for you though). It is a true description of motherhood, and all the crazy times we go through in a day. Luckily most are not quite so bad, but it is so relatable and down to earth. Hope your day gets better :)

  4. Daisy says

    Hi Katie,
    I currently service non-verbal PSD kiddos, and I was wondering if I have your permission to give my parents a copy of your article “Strategies to Help Your Child TAlk: Parallel and Self Talk”. I thought the way you define these language faciliation techniques would greatly help them.