Life is Hard, Beautiful, and Painful

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Sometimes, life is hard. Sometimes, it is beautiful. Sometimes, it is painful. The last few weeks have been painful for my family. A few weeks ago, my heathy, happy, full of life father in law became suddenly very ill and passed away a few days later. His illness and passing were rare, sudden, tragic and heartbreaking. Our family is grieving the loss of an incredible husband, father, brother, friend, mentor, and Yeh-Yeh (grandfather in Chinese). My children were very close to {Read More}

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You Can Do EVERYTHING Right and Still Have a Child with Special Needs

You Can Do Everything Right

I want to talk a little bit today about guilt. You know…mommy (or daddy) guilt that parents of children with special needs (developmental or medical) carry on their shoulders because of their child’s needs. The guilt and the constant “what if’s” are oh-so common. Recently, I took my middle son Ev, age three, into our local school district to be assessed for speech therapy. He qualifies. The child of a speech-language pathologist qualifies for speech therapy.  I want you to read {Read More}

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I’m Here! Just T I R E D.

Emory on all fours

January is 2/3 over already and I have yet to get back to regular posting. If you follow along on Facebook, you may already know one of the reasons. I am tired. Baby Emory, like all my kids, had a sleep regression right at 4 months. However, this kid’s regression has been longer and far worse than either of my other children. I think it is the combination of the age appropriate regression paired with hitting several motor milestones within {Read More}

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Happy New Year!


Whew! I don’t know about you guys, but we had a busy few weeks around here! I tried to spend more time “unplugged” and didn’t even sign into my blog for nearly two weeks! We spent some much needed time hanging out as a family, watching movies (both with and without the kids), and getting little things done around the house that I have had on my “to-do” list for months. I also am reading a book for fun, which {Read More}

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Happy Thanksgiving {and Happy Birthday to my Baby!}

happy thanks

Today, just a quick note to say… We hope you all have an AMAZING holiday full of fun, family and food! And…a big happy birthday to my baby girl who turns 5 today. F I V E!? Where has the time gone? Love you baby girl. See you all next week! I plan on having a couple more gift ideas posts up for you all just in time for shopping! Gobble Gobble!  

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My Morning {Why Writing a Blog Post Takes Me 3 Days…or More}

Emory Santa Hat

This is how my morning went down. Downstairs eating breakfast. All goes well. Baby plays on floor. Children play. Sit down to work on blog post. Baby screaming. Put baby in baby swing. Kids play with baby. Baby is happy. See how happy we were this morning?  Baby falls asleep. SCORE. Continue working on blog post. Children want to paint. Set up paint. All goes well for 68 seconds. This was 22 seconds before all hell broke loose. See those {Read More}

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How My Children {and Motherhood} Helped Make me a Better SLP

how my children made me a better SLP

Bringing baby Emory into the world got me thinking about how much my children have enriched my life and have made me a better person. My children show me love I didn’t even know existed and my life will be forever changed because of their sweet faces. But my children have also had a huge impact on me professionally as well, which I was not expecting. Each of my children, even this new little guy, have taught me great lessons {Read More}

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Our Life with Juvenile Arthritis: My Daughter’s Ninja

kids get arthritis too

I told you I wrote a post! Ha! Here it is…a little update on my daughter… As many of you know, my daughter has Juvenile Arthritis. She was diagnosed at the ripe old age of two, when I was VERY pregnant with Ev. You can read her story HERE. My KGAT awareness bracelet.  She has been through a few procedures, including a joint injection and an MRI, both under sedation. She has endured countless blood draws and doctors appointments and {Read More}

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Three Dogs, Two Cats, Two Preschoolers, One Baby, Autoimmune Diseases, Preschool, Food Allergies, & a Partridge in a Pear Tree…


It’s been a while…I know. This whole mom-of-three thing has been keeping me busy. I have so many things I want to share with you, yet life has been crazy and hasn’t let me had time to do any blogging. But I hope to slowly get back into it here soon! In fact, I actually wrote a blog post the other day. It’s about my daughter and her juvenile arthritis. Unfortunately, it’s not a great update…which is part of what has {Read More}

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Welcoming Our Newest Son


Hello hello hello! It’s been a while since *I* have posted on the blog. I hope you all have been enjoying the last several weeks of guest posts (HUGE thanks to all my contributors!) as I enjoyed time with my family as well as finally welcoming our new son to the world! On August 11th, 2013 at 4:20 am our son Emory Davrick finally made his grand entrance to the world at 40 weeks 5 days. 8 lbs 9.6 oz, {Read More}

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Daddy Fix It

daddy fix it

If you’ve been reading along for a while, you know that my son Ev, 28 months, has been a bit of a late talker. He has never been delayed, but he has always liked to sit right on the edge of typical for his age. My daughter’s speech and language skills have always been solidly average, so this has been interesting for the SLP in me. Though I don’t intentionally “therapitize” him (my husband laughs when I use that “word”) I have found {Read More}

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Why am I so Tired?? Oh yeah….

baby yeh #3 face 1 INTERNET

Why am I always so tired?? I’m sure you’ve all noticed that I’ve slowed down on the blog big time in the last several weeks. You all know that 2013 has been a CRAZY busy year for us with selling and buying homes, packing, moving, and now the daunting task of UNPACKING all this stuff. I decided to take things slow so that I can really organize and purge when I unpack so our new home can have a place {Read More}

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