Improve Story Telling Skills with a Story Champion Chart


Today I am excited to welcome fellow SLP and Blogger Michelle as a guest poster on Playing With Words 365. She shares with us a pretty awesome (and pretty simple) Story telling Chart that can be used to help little ones tell stories. ENJOY and be sure to head over to Michelle’s blog Speaking Of Kids and check out her other fabulous ideas!  What is a narrative?  Narratives are basically stories.  A child needs to know how to tell stories in {Read More}

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How To Make Your Own Therapy Materials


Today’s post is one I bet many of you SLPs (and other educators) have been waiting for. Jenna from Speech Room News shares with us some tips on how to make your own therapy materials! Thanks Jenna! ~Katie One of my favorite parts of being a speech language pathologist is that it allows me to combine different things I love to do into one job. I love problem solving, working with people, and crafting. The way I channel those ‘crafting’ {Read More}

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