Tips on Eliciting Sounds Survey for /l/ “th” /y/ & /h/

Welcome back fellow SLPs! I am soooooo excited about this new series I am doing on Tips for Eliciting Sounds! If you didn’t catch the first post where I explained all about this series,  you can read it HERE (and you can also fill out the surveys for /r/ & /k,g/ there!). tips for eliciting l th y h Today I am posting the survey’s on the /l/ “th” /y/ and /h/ sounds. Please take a few minutes and fill out the two survey’s and leave your tips for eliciting these sounds! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! Next week I will post the LAST two sets of surveys so check back! Here are the surveys: And And be sure to fill out the previous surveys as well…you can fill out the survey for /r/ /k/ &/g/ HERE and the survey for the /s/ and /z/ (lateral included) HERE. Gracious! Have a fantastic weekend!!

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