We’re Going on a Lizard Hunt {aka Mommy Needs Exercise}


JUNE is like…in a couple days and that means its summer. Summer means hot weather and…gulp…bathing suits. And for me this also means Hawaii in August. Needless to say the eating-whatever-I-want-because-I’m-breastfeeding lifestyle is dwindling down and my favorite jeans are tighter than I would like. I have joined up with some friends to take part in a fitness and diet challenge and it starts TODAY! Eeeekkk! So to get prepared I started getting back into my power walking/jogging that I {Read More}

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Obstacle Course: Great for Language!


Like  mentioned yesterday, the last couple weeks we had a LOT of rain! So we were stuck inside. Being stuck inside with two little ones can be tough. A few weeks ago we made a fort (and I blogged about it at Living Life Intentionally!) which is AWESOME for working on speech and language skills! This last week we did something that I used to do all the time in my speech sessions with my little ones. We made an {Read More}

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Spider Web Fun in Speech

Spider Gross Motor

I have been working with this adorable little guy who is 3 1/2 (Just a few months older than my daughter). He is very much your typical three year old boy: He is active and loves “boy” activities like building things, sports, superheros and well..anything that keeps him moving! I LOVE little boys. They keep me on my toes. They keep me thinking and spark my creative side. In October I saw this cool Spider Web Gross Motor Activity on one {Read More}

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Expanding and Stimulating Language Skills at the Park


I’ve mentioned before that language is not learned in a bubble. When children have delays in language it isn’t the hour of week of speech therapy that is going to make the biggest impact but rather how the parents and caregivers of those children change the way they interact with the child to provide the child with more language rich interactions and activities. Language is learned all day, every day, in every setting your child is in and within every {Read More}

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